07132020 Headline:

Empowering AHS students

Interact Club has planned several upcoming events for the rest of this year, including Relay for Life, which will raise awareness as well as encourage AHS students to help out in their community.   “Now that we don’t have We Day anymore, [...]

Art rumors debunked

For a school that is so heavily focused on math and science, there are a lot of students who participate in many different art forms. With all the creativity flowing around Aviation through the students, it is hard to believe that there are [...]

Male pageant postponed

  The second annual Mr. Aviation, with a very different batch of contestants from last year, was recently delayed until Friday, May 31st.   “The date was changed due to several conflicting events with Ultimate Frisbee & Robotics competitions,” [...]

The Bite of Aviation

When AHS moves to its new location next year students will be losing the comfort of having a nearby Subway and QFC, but there is no need to worry! There are some gold mines waiting for the tastebuds of teenagers to come and check them out.   “I [...]

Aviation spreads the teaching

At the new school, there will be a new program called a Professional Learning Center (PLC). The PLC is a classroom space where Aviation High School teachers will offer workshops about project-based learning, integrated technology, and other [...]

The Hangar Games – 2013

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Project Amelia takes flight

AHS students plan to bring “girl power” to the school with Project Amelia, a campaign started by the Museum of Flight that aims to inspire women of all ages to get involved in the aviation field, but it’s going to need $1.4 million to [...]

An Atlas in all of us

Bent over, straining against the load, Aviation High School students struggle to drag themselves and their backpacks to their next class. “Ideally [backpacks] shouldn’t be filled to more than 10-15% of the carrier’s body weight,” [...]

My Funny Valentine

Oh, Aviation, how thy freezing halls greet me on a winter’s morn How I smile when I hear of another burst pipe Another heater malfunction Another schedule commotion How my heart warms when I gaze upon thy hoard of homework When I buy another [...]

A Jimmy Neutron in our Midst

    In early 2012, junior John Paul Hansen began creating a device which he named “The Correspondence State Aperture.” The purpose of this device, nicknamed “The Apparatus,” is to allow engineers to describe the energy [...]

Earning art credit at AHS

  Graduation is weeks away and all the seniors are ready to take the final steps to moving on to a bigger part of their lives. But there is one student who will not get the wonderful experience of walking across the stage in their cap [...]