04202019 Headline:

Running the Rails

While not necessarily a new piece of technology, the electro-magnetic rail projectile launcher (railgun for short) is one of the more interesting pieces of engineering that has crossed the school. One of our very own Aviation High School seniors, [...]

Meet the new ASB

As another year comes to a close the future of the AHS student body is up in the air. The quest to find the best students to lead the school to school spirit victory is finally over; the results are in.   The great and fearless leader President [...]

Not all classes are created equal

As any upperclassman knows, there is a wide disparity between the crowded, overpopulated classes from freshman year to the less crowded, quieter classes of senior and junior year. And while next year might be a little easier on the teachers [...]

From Stereotype to Star

Information technology teacher Nancy Flynn began her adult life in a very ordinary fashion. After attending Whitworth University for two years, she picked from the two careers traditionally open to girls at the time (nursing and teaching), and [...]

Racing to find a new field

The Ultimate Frisbee team is searching for a field to practice on since the new school will not have a dedicated space for them. Team coordinators are searching high and low for possible solutions.   “Two team parents are working with City [...]

Empowering AHS students

Interact Club has planned several upcoming events for the rest of this year, including Relay for Life, which will raise awareness as well as encourage AHS students to help out in their community.   “Now that we don’t have We Day anymore, [...]

Art rumors debunked

For a school that is so heavily focused on math and science, there are a lot of students who participate in many different art forms. With all the creativity flowing around Aviation through the students, it is hard to believe that there are [...]

Male pageant postponed

  The second annual Mr. Aviation, with a very different batch of contestants from last year, was recently delayed until Friday, May 31st.   “The date was changed due to several conflicting events with Ultimate Frisbee & Robotics competitions,” [...]

The Bite of Aviation

When AHS moves to its new location next year students will be losing the comfort of having a nearby Subway and QFC, but there is no need to worry! There are some gold mines waiting for the tastebuds of teenagers to come and check them out.   “I [...]

Aviation spreads the teaching

At the new school, there will be a new program called a Professional Learning Center (PLC). The PLC is a classroom space where Aviation High School teachers will offer workshops about project-based learning, integrated technology, and other [...]

The Hangar Games – 2013

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