10182018 Headline:

Legendary ladies

It is well known that girls are a minority at Raisbeck Aviation High School. However, this hasn’t stopped female alumni from doing awesome things! The Phoenix Flyer tracked down some of the women who have graduated from AHS, who are now excelling [...]

Christmas comes early

For their annual participation in the Festival of the Trees, this year the Museum of Flight has decided to theme their decorated tree in honor of their new neighbor, Raisbeck Aviation High School.   Standing tall in the Museum of Flight’s [...]

No time to be a family guy

RAHS students quickly realize that the contract they signed at the beginning of freshman year includes spending many early mornings and late nights at RAHS. With school taking priority, people with a lot of activities don’t have time or the [...]

Holiday traditions from mac to mousse

Living in America, it seems like Christmas is the main winter holiday. It’s all over the media, and all of the stores are starting their Christmas sales. However, there are many other holidays going on during this time of the year. Here’s [...]

Girls make strides to break the gender barrier

NOTE: This is the second part of a two part series. The first part can be found at: http://ahsphoenixflyer.com/news/one-small-step-for-girls-no-giant-leaps-yet As covered in the last issue of the Phoenix Flyer, there is a significant gender [...]

AP classes offer opportunity to some while crushing others

AP classes have traditionally been considered a chance for students to prove their knowledge of a course of their choosing and show colleges that they are amply prepared for the rigor of college courses. In the upcoming school year, RAHS has [...]

Mommy, I wanna go home

Now that school has been in session for two months in the new building, the excitement has worn off, and students and staff are feeling homesick. Everyone loves the new facilities, but there are some aspects that will never be the same.   Freshman [...]

Ladies fight to get a disc in the door

With another Ultimate Frisbee season well underway, the girls of the RAHS team have once again been asked to take to the benches once again. There aren’t enough girls playing Ultimate Frisbee at RAHS to have an all girl team.  The female [...]

Rant and Rave

Long before Raisbeck Aviation High School’s founder, Reba Gilman, opened the doors of her brand new school in 2004, she had a vision of not only a new school, but a new building and a new location. After many years, RAHS finally received the [...]

The walls are closing in

It seems that lunch space may be vanishing before students’ eyes. Last year presented a plethora of space for lunch, and that abundance has been greatly reduced this year.   Students have gone from complete freedom to very strict rules [...]

AHS Renton Film Fest (Jes Mannard)

Sunday Oct. 6, 1:00 PM “It was stop and go fun.” Said Alexis. “It was funny when we went to go buy snacks and when we had to re-do a take. We couldn’t laugh and it was hard. We are so excited for the film to be done! [...]