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Making Connections Across the Seven Seas

Aviation High School has offered students many unique opportunities to interact with industry leaders throughout its existence. This fall, senior-to-be Anastasia Pallis will travel to the historic city of Kobe, Japan for one week as part of [...]

Phoenix Flyer Double Dare Challenge!

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Senior’s Parting Words; Get Muddy Get Crazy Get Going

“Don’t sweat the little stuff” – Jordyn Mcluen “First day of training, running through a bog to practice running with wet shoes!” – Phoenix Fire Click Here to see the Twitter Features page PDF. Share [...]

Spending Summer Making Bank

Working away the summer may seem like a terrible way to go, but spending money for the school year is nice to have.  Many AHS students know that getting a good job or internship is important for other reasons, as well. AHS Junior Adriana Lopez [...]

Passing on the Presidency

From assembly planning to making paper cranes, Jenny Gao’s year as ASB president has been quite a wild ride.  While still very busy organizing the end of year festivities, she never hesitates to pause and take a second to look back at what [...]

Oh The Places They’ll Go!

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The Phoenix Flyer Needs Your Help!

The Phoenix Flyer has a grant project posted on DonorsChoose.org, and we need your help! We want to add real time live-blogging to our website, and start covering important events as they happen. But we need some tools for the job – specifically [...]

A Solid Foundation

AHS promises students a solid foundation for college, career and citizenship, and now AHS itself has a solid foundation on which to grow. Recent photographs from the construction contractor show a newly poured foundation, a critical step towards [...]

Going From Dental Floss to Binders

Kim Sorensen’s varied career and family mentality make her a perfect fit for AHS’s diverse faculty in her role as registrar. In her career, Sorensen has worked both inside and outside of the school setting. Sorensen originally worked with [...]

Get to Know our Teachers’ Pets

The term “teacher’s pet” brings to mind a shiny red apple gift from a perfect, helpful student.  For some AHS teachers, however, receiving a dead mouse from a proud, muddy cat is a much more common occurrence. Mary Ciccone-Cook has four [...]

Apple Takes Step Towards Education

Most apps released are designed to entertain and enjoy, but the new iBooks app released by Apple not long ago is a step into the world of education. Although there are apps used to assist in both teaching and learning, the iBooks app takes the [...]
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