07132020 Headline:

Failure is not an option

Just before winter break, Mr. Nicolaus Anderson took the newly created job as the first Student Success Dean of Raisbeck Aviation School’s freshman class. A Student Success Dean is a mentor who tutors students who have trouble–or whose [...]

Sophomores and Seniors on point

Encouraged by beating their elders, the sophomores have a strong lead against the seniors, yet the seniors aren’t going to let the sophomores get away. Both the sophomore and senior students of the ASB teams are working hard to ensure victory [...]

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C…hivalry!

Despite years of Pathfinder Gala Training, the students at RAHS still don’t hold the door open for others, or even know how to utter a simple, “excuse me.” Just the other day, I was walking down the hall when a student ran into me and [...]

B-Boys breaking down barriers

Bopping their way to the top, B-Boy Club takes a spin on the meaning of having a dance club. New to the list of Thursday clubs, this crew of students is unlike the usual STEM clubs at RAHS and is working to get the student body more involved [...]

In Memory of Wesley Schierman

The morning of Jan. 4, 2014, war hero Wesley Schierman passed away in his Everett home after his short battle with lung cancer. Upon his request, he insisted that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to RAHS’ Airline Career Experience (ACE) [...]

Chay-sing dreams

Andy Chayer, graduating class of 2011, has become a successful audio engineer working with people like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the world renowned Robert Lang Studios.   After graduating a semester early from Aviation High School, [...]

Legendary ladies

It is well known that girls are a minority at Raisbeck Aviation High School. However, this hasn’t stopped female alumni from doing awesome things! The Phoenix Flyer tracked down some of the women who have graduated from AHS, who are now excelling [...]

Christmas comes early

For their annual participation in the Festival of the Trees, this year the Museum of Flight has decided to theme their decorated tree in honor of their new neighbor, Raisbeck Aviation High School.   Standing tall in the Museum of Flight’s [...]

No time to be a family guy

RAHS students quickly realize that the contract they signed at the beginning of freshman year includes spending many early mornings and late nights at RAHS. With school taking priority, people with a lot of activities don’t have time or the [...]

Holiday traditions from mac to mousse

Living in America, it seems like Christmas is the main winter holiday. It’s all over the media, and all of the stores are starting their Christmas sales. However, there are many other holidays going on during this time of the year. Here’s [...]

Girls make strides to break the gender barrier

NOTE: This is the second part of a two part series. The first part can be found at: http://ahsphoenixflyer.com/news/one-small-step-for-girls-no-giant-leaps-yet As covered in the last issue of the Phoenix Flyer, there is a significant gender [...]