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Yehya Elmasry catches up with Phoenix Flyer

Yehya Elmasry is an Egyptian-born foreign exchange student who attended Raisbeck Aviation High School during the 2013-2014 school year. Elmasry made many friends during his term at RAHS, and recently, the Phoenix Flyer had the chance to catch [...]

RAHS’s Best Local Coffee

Around Raisbeck Aviation High School, there are a huge variety of coffee shops. Good ones, bad ones, and a surprising number of bikini baristas.Coffee shops are evaluated based on three major criterias: coffee (drip coffee and lattes were tested), [...]

Hardy cameras Go Pro at RAHS

  At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, the RAHS social studies department found found itself with some unspent annual budget, and seized the opportunity to acquire some GoPro video cameras for their classes. For all the excitement [...]

Sophomores seek AP elsewhere

Many juniors and seniors have AP classes in their schedules, from a final year of Spanish to Calculus. But few, if any, sophomore students make it into them. Of the ten AP courses at Aviation, Sophomores who wish to take one are usually pursuing [...]

SciOly hits the ground running

  Because of this year’s early start to Science Olympiad, Sophomore Colin Mason was able to complete an entire bridge for testing before the teams first competition on November 1st. Photo by Christopher Hendrickson. This school year, [...]

New Dean of Students touches down at RAHS

Throughout her life, Raisbeck Aviation High School’s new Dean of Students has been brave in everything she’s done. Nuka Nurzhanov would describe herself in one word as “courageous.” From growing up in Kazakhstan to taking on new teaching [...]

Teachers-in-training pick RAHS

RAHS now has three new student teachers in math, social studies, and biology classrooms alongside teachers to grow and complete their teaching education. Student teachers like Braden Minor and Ruth Gronenthal found RAHS had something different [...]

Spoderqueen for Homecoming Man

  An internet character has become an RAHS sensation via quality posters, brilliant brochures, and a high-tech, very sophisticated promotional video. Known as Spoderman, the cartoon is the combined brainchild of five seniors and is inspired [...]

South African educators visit RAHS

On September 16, educators from South Africa toured Raisbeck Aviation High School to learn about the school’s project-based learning system and application of STEM. The educators viewed presentations by students and faculty on some of the [...]

Dr. Katims to exclusively teach APUSH next school year

RAHS’ highly qualified and well respected AP U.S. History (APUSH) teacher, Dr. Michael Katims, will begin working part time for the 2014-2015 school year. Even though Dr. Katims will only be teaching APUSH, the classes he teaches now, Economics [...]

Bon Voyage Sr. Peterson

William Peterson, a beloved Spanish teacher at RAHS, has decided to study abroad for two summers through a Masters program in Granada, Spain. From a young age, Peterson aspired to become a linguist because of the passion for languages that [...]
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