08092020 Headline:

Greenspace for change of pace

With RAHS surrounded by planes and concrete in every direction, it may seem like there are no green spaces for the nature-deprived student. But fear not! From frisbee fields to small corner parks, the area is teeming with green space just down [...]

Speech and Debate Stanford bound

After months of practice and numerous competitions, the RAHS speech and debate team is taking on a new challenge, a competition at Stanford. A group of selected juniors and seniors is travelling there at the beginning of next month. Stanford [...]

Students spin into record and book stores

Comics and music are two things that students don’t get a lot of in class. Fortunately, on South Vale Street in Georgetown, Fantagraphics and Georgetown Records are stores that provide students a pleasant release from stress with a one-of-a-kind [...]

Former staff member stays as a mentor

Mentorships are one of the most fundamental parts of RAHS. The benefits they provide include helping students learn about the future, give them job shadows, and assist them with choices concerning the future. Aviation’s mentor program has [...]

First 747 finds temporary home

The Museum of Flight has released new details about the Airpark expansion including where the Airpark planes will be moved during the project. The museum also has informed what parking will look like for RAHS students and staff for the next [...]

Technical frustrations at RAHS

  RAHS students often depend on technology to do schoolwork. But when stress and struggles arise, usually indicates something isn’t working accordingly with the devices. Student laptop difficulties can snowball into a mess when it comes [...]

New building, new problems

  From the outside, RAHS is a shiny new school building, but on the inside, it faces a multitude of issues that aren’t just superficial despite the schools recent construction. While some small issues are to be expected in any building, [...]

Yehya Elmasry catches up with Phoenix Flyer

Yehya Elmasry is an Egyptian-born foreign exchange student who attended Raisbeck Aviation High School during the 2013-2014 school year. Elmasry made many friends during his term at RAHS, and recently, the Phoenix Flyer had the chance to catch [...]

RAHS’s Best Local Coffee

Around Raisbeck Aviation High School, there are a huge variety of coffee shops. Good ones, bad ones, and a surprising number of bikini baristas.Coffee shops are evaluated based on three major criterias: coffee (drip coffee and lattes were tested), [...]

Hardy cameras Go Pro at RAHS

  At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, the RAHS social studies department found found itself with some unspent annual budget, and seized the opportunity to acquire some GoPro video cameras for their classes. For all the excitement [...]

Sophomores seek AP elsewhere

Many juniors and seniors have AP classes in their schedules, from a final year of Spanish to Calculus. But few, if any, sophomore students make it into them. Of the ten AP courses at Aviation, Sophomores who wish to take one are usually pursuing [...]