02242018 Headline:

RAHS anticipates up-and-coming video games

  Playing video games is a large part of student culture at RAHS. Many, if not most, students would consider themselves gamers. Those students are lucky, since there is a huge amount of new video games coming out in the near future. Sophomore [...]

Hop on the hype train

  As the school year begins, students are faced with many new challenges, and also look forward to many unique and exciting events. A Phoenix Flyer survey was taken by a majority of the student body and gave some insight into what people [...]

What happens online stays online

In an underground sub-culture of the RAHS community, a group of minors are one die click away from a fantastic win or a spectacular loss.   Because of the rarity of its items, Counter Strike Global Offensive, better known as CS:GO, has [...]

Parking scarcity confounds students

Angered and up in arms due to the lack of parking spots available, juniors and staff alike are looking to their superiors for help. Much of the parking has been reallocated to staff, seemingly without benefit, according to RAHS Dean of Students [...]

Students scramble to make Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up quickly, and for many of the busy students of RAHS, it has snuck up on them. There are many things the procrastinator can do for an easy but still awesome costume even if there isn’t an abundance of time. RAHS junior [...]

Prevention and Intervention to the rescue

High school can be a rough time for a lot of people, and RAHS is definitely no exception. The staff at the school know the struggle, which is why some of them have chosen to come together to form a Prevention and Intervention Team to give students [...]

Senior project ruled optional

  Many school districts in western Washington, including the Highline District, have ended the practice of making the senior projects mandatory. Seniors are rejoicing at this change, excited that it’ll no longer add stress to their last [...]

College season stresses seniors

    College application season is known to stress students around the world, but for RAHS students the pressure can be even greater. At RAHS, applying for college is an expectation, and applications are sneaking up earlier than ever.   Students [...]

Students wear out their boots during their commutes

Many students at RAHS commute from afar to get to school. A noticeable number of students commute to RAHS from hours away, a admirable sacrifice, when they could just go to their home high school. Nick Johnson, a junior, has been commuting [...]

Elections result in powerful leaders of the future

              This year’s Associated Student Body brought unity, fun assemblies, and high-fives to RAHS students, and next year’s is right in line to take their places.   Elected students for the [...]

Washington State strikes out

Teachers and school staff statewide have been rallying against Washington State Legislature over class sizes, educational funding, and Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA) since late April, and on Thursday, May 21, Highline School District teachers [...]
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