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Trips of a lifetime await RAHS students this summer

With summer fast approaching, some RAHS students are preparing to spend their summers in far-off locales. These students will soon be heading off to countries such as England, Peru and Thailand in order to study, serve, and discover. RAHS junior [...]

Student cyclist to take dream trip

Many students will be taking international, educational, and relaxing trips this summer. But one in particular, sophomore Patrick Eaton will be traveling to Europe in June for a bike trip. “I will be biking in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands,” [...]

The good, bad, and sad

With the end of another school year students at Raisbeck Aviation High School have to say goodbye to the senior class once again. With the seniors gone, the remaining classes have time to reflect on the moments and stories they shared with this [...]

Mentor inspires and changes lives

Through his efforts in making professional connections, sophomore Sameer Romani has found desirable qualities and wisdom in his mentor, Captain Steve Taylor, who has plenty to teach him. “When I first met Captain Taylor, I knew I wanted to [...]

Big Brother is driving with you

  Driving home on the open highway, after finishing the layout of this very newspaper, I look down at my speedometer. I somehow managed to hit 83 mph without realizing it. My heart drops: the sensor in my car is going to tattle on me. [...]

RAHS students participate in the 2016 Sakura-Con

Sakura-Con is a convention in the Pacific Northwest where anime lovers gather every year. The convention has many programs such as anime movies, games, cultural panels, dances, concerts, and art contests. Many students at Raisbeck Aviation [...]

The angst of AP testing week

  It’s that time again: AP testing season–a slow process that almost every RAHS student dislikes. Two weeks of AP tests, depending on what courses a person is taking, is arguably the most stressful time of the year. In fact, many [...]

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Small boxes, labelled “mini libraries,” were recently placed across the RAHS campus with the hopes that the “take one, leave one” rule will help spread books around the school. Freshman Heidi Yagen, creator of the mini libraries, not [...]

Face to Facebook

After the 20 Mar. 2016 RAHS Cultural Awareness Assembly, a debate over perceived racism sparked through a post on Facebook. This highlighted a bigger controversy about the role social media plays in spreading awareness of racism and other injustices. Members [...]

Assembling the puzzling picture of racism

  The cultural assembly had been created with the full intention of creating a fun environment to teach students about cultures around the world. The assembly, which was designed to help clear up misconceptions, created a very large controversy, [...]

RAHS overflows with internships for Summer 2016

One of the things that makes RAHS unique is the amount of internships that come through the school. RAHS is currently working with 200 local and widespread companies to provide internship and volunteer opportunities throughout the school year [...]
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