08092020 Headline:

Tremain Holloway accepts position as RAHS assistant principal

Tremain Holloway, the new assistant principal, hopes to integrate the freshmen class into the school and grow as a leader during his time at RAHS.   Because Holloway grew up on the East Coast, he did not learn about RAHS until a friend [...]

RAHS adds a significant figure to the math team

Whether she’s exchanging math problems with her boyfriend, checking out the Contra dance (an old but popular folk dance) scene in Seattle, or teaching Calculus at RAHS, Student Teacher JoAnn Welch has already proven herself to be an exciting [...]

Dress complaints cause crackdown

As the summer approaches, RAHS students participate in a tradition as old as the pancake breakfast and as prestigious as the wingman award: summer dress code violations. RAHS Dean of Students Mrs. Nuka Nurzhanov believes that when as the temperature [...]

Singer produces and performs music to reach hearts

Dancer, singer, and musician are all words that could describe senior Peyton Gural–one of the few students at RAHS that is going to pursue a major in the musical field. In the fall, she will be attending the Cornish College of the Arts. “I [...]

Policy change yields authentic, selective project

2015-2016 marked the first school year at RAHS with optional senior projects and the relaxation of the formerly strict schedules and guidelines that accompanied the polarizing process. Selected out of the narrow group of senior project presenters, [...]

Freaky-cool concrete and church participation all in a day’s work at WSU

2015 RAHS alumni Jessica Mannard seems to have it all together at Washington State University (WSU) even though she’s only a freshman. Jes has been dividing her time between academics, church, sports, work, and research. “In addition to [...]

Seniors College Excitement

The Class of 2016 had went through all the homework, project, and other challenges that is part of their requirement, and this year they will graduate. Not every students who graduated last year pursue a passion in engineering that is connected [...]

Taking part in a not so restful summer

As the end of the school year finally arrives, some students aren’t going to be letting up on the workload. With the plethora of opportunities, a summer job or internship can be enormously impactful, as RAHS teacher Dr. Richard Edgerton can [...]

Training the next Bill Gates

This year, the Introduction to Economics class has consisted of practicing investing in the stock market and setting up household budgets. However, the teacher Ms. Renee Olsen is reworking the class’ curriculum. Instead of the more traditional [...]

Juniors rally around unorthodox assembly chants

The Junior class led the school in a brand new chant at the Spirit Assembly in April. The chant, designed as a criticism, brought to life a new form of chants at the assemblies. The chant, “Senior Bias” poked fun at the classic “Senior [...]

Summer goals from self indulgent to serious

One of the key parts of being a RAHS student is setting, working towards, and meeting goals.  Several students at RAHS have decided to take this to the next level, and continue this process over the summer. RAHS freshman Alec Block is a dedicated [...]