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Washington State strikes out

Teachers and school staff statewide have been rallying against Washington State Legislature over class sizes, educational funding, and Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA) since late April, and on Thursday, May 21, Highline School District teachers [...]

Airpark madness heats up

Under the constant toil of heavy machinery and piledriving, students at RAHS begin to focus their curiosity on the completion of the upcoming Museum of Flight Airpark.   Stretching from the Space Gallery to RAHS, the Airpark will completely [...]

Airpark construction shakes the school

Construction on the Airpark has been affecting Raisbeck Aviation High School students since late December with loud noises, lost parking spots, and an irritated student body. Sellen is the company that has been assisting the Museum in its goal [...]

Saying farewell to a beloved teacher

Ian Demaree also contributed to the reporting of this article History: Dr. Michael Katims is an integral part of Raisbeck Aviation High School. Only coming to the school to consult and help plan out its courses and structure, he ended up staying [...]

Goodbye from Culture Club

Every year we all start school, and students and teachers look forward to what is to come. Some also fear what is to come. With every beginning comes an end. When summer starts to come around, we all look ahead to the vast possibilities.   However, [...]

Master schedule poses problems for students, teachers

The master schedule impacts everyone in the school. The symptoms of an ineffective master schedule range from students retaking electives and  teachers with over-enrolled classes to many of seniors with empty periods. Additionally, several [...]

Seniors show off before they take off

The seniors are graduating, but before they hit the road many took part in the Senior Project Showcase. The best senior projects are shown off in an even more formal manner for the second time at the Museum of Flight.   “My senior project [...]

Custom bike bamboozles students

For the last year and a half, RAHS junior Henry Watts has spent $1,200 and upwards of 60 man hours building a bicycle. Creating a new design that was both efficient and attractive taught him a lot about engineering.   Aviation and bicycles [...]

Eating well this summer

After the last cafeteria meal of the school year, due to the internships, personal dieting goals, and the surplus of free time many students try eat differently or diet trying. Lucky Singh is one such student: he takes advantage of the long [...]

Motivational speakers invigorate youth at RAHS

Every school year speakers inspire students with their unique perspectives and messages, but we just see a small part of the effort that goes into each assembly. ASB members like Gabby Rivera, ASB president, listen to a number of speakers before [...]

To prom or not to prom

Every year prom comes around, and students ask that special someone to “The Big Dance.” But what many students have realized is that prom can still be a big night even without attending the school dance. Students have planned events instead [...]
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