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Career Center matches up new partners in crime

  The sophomores at RAHS have completed just over a quarter of their high school careers, and it’s time they get introduced to the mentorship program. Sophomores are currently being paired up with industry mentors to call their own. [...]

Let it Snow… Please?

  Last year’s skiing season did not go well for resorts or snow enthusiasts. There was hardly any snow and people couldn’t go skiing or snowboarding. Some resorts in the state are giving back to last years season pass owners by giving [...]

STEM educators prepare next innovators

STEM teachers are subjected to an arduous process that takes many years in order to reach a secondary school teaching position. Dr. Jessica Thompson works at the University of Washington to train STEM educators and give them the tools they [...]

New date: still no date

Originally scheduled for 17 Oct., the Aviators’ Ball has been relocated to Des Moines Beach Park Auditorium and rescheduled to 14 Nov., only a week away. Many students have been left in the dark regarding the cause of this major change. Senior [...]

The Washington Aerospace Scholars blast off again

Following the 6 Nov. 2015 application deadline, the brave juniors of RAHS are preparing for Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS), a five-month course focused on aerospace engineering. For those looking for a way to expand their horizons, Katie [...]

Youngest nursing student to graduate CNA program hails from RAHS

By Vee Glessner Phoenix Flyer Reporter The youngest student to ever graduate her Certified Nursing Assistant program, junior Sharan Kaur, recently earned her certification. Kaur knew she wanted to go into nursing, but struggled finding a program [...]

RAHS Introduces Renee Olsen to the family

Beginning this year, Renee Olsen has taken up teaching two elective classes: Career Choices and Economics at RAHS. She lived in Seattle before and has recently returned after owning her travel agency business. “My family moved from Bremerton [...]

RAHS anticipates up-and-coming video games

  Playing video games is a large part of student culture at RAHS. Many, if not most, students would consider themselves gamers. Those students are lucky, since there is a huge amount of new video games coming out in the near future. Sophomore [...]

Hop on the hype train

  As the school year begins, students are faced with many new challenges, and also look forward to many unique and exciting events. A Phoenix Flyer survey was taken by a majority of the student body and gave some insight into what people [...]

What happens online stays online

In an underground sub-culture of the RAHS community, a group of minors are one die click away from a fantastic win or a spectacular loss.   Because of the rarity of its items, Counter Strike Global Offensive, better known as CS:GO, has [...]

Parking scarcity confounds students

Angered and up in arms due to the lack of parking spots available, juniors and staff alike are looking to their superiors for help. Much of the parking has been reallocated to staff, seemingly without benefit, according to RAHS Dean of Students [...]
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