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Local pilot thrills customers with historic aircraft rides

  Olde Thyme Aviation and its proud owner, Ken Horwitz, give customers a special avionic experience with scenic flights over Seattle. “[Olde Thyme Aviation] takes visitors to the Seattle area and residents on rides around the Seattle [...]

Internships pay long term dividends

Students of RAHS are grabbing at every internship that is offered by the school and many are succeeding. Being a student at a STEM school provides internships that are not available to other students. Getting accepted into RAHS is a struggle [...]

Dropping gas prices promote student driving

As gas prices begin to rise again, many students have some advice on how to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Students like Carlos Navarro, a senior who lives south of Tacoma, who consistently drive long distances to and from school [...]

Teachers discuss rounding philosophies

Every time a semester ends, the discussion on teachers rounding grades is revived at RAHS. There a wide array of personal philosophies and perspectives on student behaviors among the staff. The general consensus though is that students should [...]

Spirit Week or Spirit Weak

Spirit Week at RAHS is meant to be a fun, and sometimes crazy, time for the students, jam- packed with games, music, and extras. It is also a time of low stress, fun, and relaxing for the student body. It is also becoming a confusing time for [...]

FTC Skunks set gears into motion

Performing in the Boeing Presentation Center on Saturday Nov. 22 was RAHS’ Skunkworks FTC robotics team participating in their first competition of the season. The team showed off their hard work and passion for robotics against ten different [...]
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Faculty on Start-Ups

Student start-ups are known for springing up across college and university campuses as students realize their dreams and ideas. Economics teacher Brett Sarver and career center faculty member Steve Davolt drew from their business experience [...]

Students enter through the back door without permission

Since moving to the new campus, RAHS students have been confused on the rules regarding entering the school through the South doors and have raised questions on why use of the door is not allowed. “Official school policy is that students [...]

I liked it better last time

Every year, the “Holiday” and “Winter” editions of regurgitation hit the market and expect to be big, unique sellers. Stop trying to make holiday movies happen. We liked it better last time, production companies. We liked it best the [...]

Pushing through MEPS

The Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS, is a milestone in the applicants’ process towards joining the US Armed Forces. In itself, the idea of MEPS is a very straightforward one—a series of examinations to determine whether or [...]

Greenspace for change of pace

With RAHS surrounded by planes and concrete in every direction, it may seem like there are no green spaces for the nature-deprived student. But fear not! From frisbee fields to small corner parks, the area is teeming with green space just down [...]
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