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Ms. McEwen is excited for summer 17’

Tyee welcomes Ms. McEwen as an office manager

By Sharanjit Kaur


Ms. McEwen, the former RAHS office manager, recently found herself at the Tyee High School campus as an administrator for Global Connections High School.


“I am working at Global Connections High School.” said McEwen “Along with their Assessment Coordinator Counseling Secretary.”


Ms. McEwen enjoys working with scheduling along with helping the administrators at Tyee.


“I am responsible to track, schedule, coordinate and administer all state and federal tests,” said McEwen. “I am learning a lot from the friendly and helpful staff here.”


She also takes a key role in the standardized testing which is required for students to graduate and has to handle many of the complications associated with facilitating standardized exams.


“Right now I am administering the SBA tests,” said McEwen “just imagine more than 200 students taking the SATs in a school gym on the same day.”


Ms. McEwen finds herself her busy in her new job, which includes encouraging and supporting students that have yet to pass the exams required for graduation.


“I am a busy person!” said McEwen “I only have 18 students left to round up for this testing.”


Ms. McEwen dearly misses being at RAHS and hopes to come visit later in the year.


“I miss my RAHS students and apologize for my fast exit,” said McEwen “Global [Connection] needed an Assessment Coordinator here and I had to move quickly.”


Currently she enjoys having an break off especially for the summer which benefits her having this new job.


“This job is attractive to me because I will have six weeks off during the summer.” said McEwen. “I want to have a summer to myself. Just imagine not having your time off during the summer.”


McEwen is fascinated by planting flowers and plants and her newly-acquired free time has contributed to her interest in the hobby.


“One of my hobbies is gardening and now I will be able to enjoy my yard this summer.” Said McEwen “My grandchildren are growing up and I want to be able to spend more time with them too.”


Nevertheless, Ms. McEwen enjoys visiting the school and reconnecting with the RAHS Faculty along with volunteering for the community.


“I hope to chaperone Prom again this year.” said McEwen “It is wonderful to see you all dressed up, having a wonderful time at Prom.”


McEwen adores the hard work of Sport of the Mind teams and enjoys watching them compete and play.


“I had a wonderful time at a recent robotics event.” Said McEwen “I was thrilled to see some of the Skunks. ”


McEwen is excited to see RAHS students anytime that she runs into them.


“I hope to see some of you around,” said McEwen, “maybe at a competition, an RAHS event, the Museum of Flight or Safeway!”

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