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Goodbye from Culture Club

Students and teachers sad to see Culture Club end

By Zachary Breitung

Every year we all start school, and students and teachers look forward to what is to come. Some also fear what is to come. With every beginning comes an end. When summer starts to come around, we all look ahead to the vast possibilities.


However, this year is different: as everything at school simmers down for the summer, waiting to be reborn from the ashes the next year, one of these things will not be seen next year. Culture Club is coming to an end.


Many students are sad to see the club go. Others are only happy it happened. Marcie Wombold, the Culture Club founder and advisor, myself, the Culture Club President, and those who attend would like to say one final goodbye to everyone.


Culture Club leaving is not all sadness and tears, the club set goals and objectives when it was born ten years ago. Wombold is letting the club go because the club has achieved all of its objectives, to make more after school clubs and to strengthen the school community. Though she may be sad to see Culture Club go, she is excited to have more time with her little ones at home.


We, as a club and an entire school, have had a hell of a ten years. Though I personally have only been here to experience the last four years of Culture Club, it has been a blast. From lock-ins to talent shows to charity drives for local causes and simply getting to know one another every Thursday after school, I am happy to have been a part of it all.


Something many Culture Club attendees want others to know is that Culture Club is not exactly what one may think it is. Though our name may give one impression, we do not study different cultures. We study each others personal cultures. By this we mean, we want to learn what makes you, you.


This allows for everyone who attends to find friends with whom they have commonalities and those who are different. Along with those who are different, they may have amazing stories and lives. Culture Club is about finding where you belong, which is much easier than it seems simply because you are where you belong, you are amongst friends wherever you roam here at school.


Culture Club has done a great amount for the school, and between helping start after school clubs and bringing the school community together, we hope that we are not forgotten.


Those who have been apart of Culture Club will definitely not forget what we as a club have done, bringing this community together on awkward hug at a time. As well as what the club has done for them, teaching that high school does not need to be the big scary place media and society has made it out to be.


Culture Club is a place of acceptance and though that may seem cliche, many Culture Club of those who have attended have made their first friends of high school here. Many regular Culture Club attendees, are proud to say that Culture Club was their gateway to making friends as a tiny and scared little freshman.


But alas, all good things come to an end. Culture Club was well-lived, establishing a strong and durable community within the school. We also had great fun along the way. It was only three years ago that Culture Club put on our first lock-in. Even students who had not attended Culture Club on a regular basis had a great time.


This year with Culture Club’s last talent show, we went out with some class. We went with a more traditional theme for the event, but still has a great time while doing what we do: expressing what makes us different and also what makes us the same.


Many students who attend Culture Club make friends with upper and lower classmen, eliminating the intimidating border in between them. That is what Culture Club is for. As the saying goes culture is who we are, acceptance is what we do.

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