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ASB raises spirits for the rest of RAHS school year

Hopes are high for the approaching dances and other activities

By Giovanni Dang

ASB President Catie Stukel waves her gavel to approve future ASB plans.
Photo by Giovannie Dang

ASB plans to keep up with big events such as Winter Ball and Prom while not forgetting about small events such as spirit games. Planning events that are loved by the student body is a hard task, something that ASB tries to accomplish every year.

ASB this year has been very busy planning events and jumping into 2018 with a boom, starting with the Winter Ball. ASB Vice President Kenny Pham is a little stressed but overall enthusiastic about the school events this year.

“The theme for this year’s Winter Ball is Winter Wonderland,” said Pham. “It’s going to take place at the school and we’re confident everyone is going to find a way to slip in a pun about snowflakes or chilly weather in their Winter Ball. Personally, I can confirm it’s going to be a chill time.”

Pham hopes they’ll be enough to take the minds of students off of school and provide a much needed relaxing time for the students.

“TOLO is currently planned to take place in March while Prom is currently planned to take place in June,” said Pham. “The second half of the school year is going to be hectic for sure, but we hope these events will alleviate that stress for everyone.”

ASB president Catie Stukel is very excited about one of the most anticipated events: the Student of the Semester Assembly.

“Student of the Semester is a really big deal,” said Stukel. “Usually the secretary and treasurer plan it, and it involves the whole student body to learn a dance and input from both students and teachers about who will win the awards.”

It’s not all work when it comes to planning in ASB; seeing their ideas come to life creates a fun and exciting atmosphere.

“Logistically it takes a lot because you have to ask for all the teachers and people in advance to choreograph and teach the dance,” said Stukel. “It’s a lot of work as a whole on ASB, but it’s really fun running the assembly and it’s also fun to recognize the students.”

Mr. Aviation is an event to look forward to every year. Any guy at RAHS willing to show what they can do are welcome to participate in the pageant. Spectating is always encouraged as well.

“Gotta say, I’m going to be totally biased on this one,” said Pham. “Mr. Aviation is my absolute favorite ASB event because of the chance it gives people who participate in it to strut their stuff in front of a crowd. It’s a talent show, combined with a beauty pageant, combined with a Q&A.”

Mr. Aviation showcases the different talents at RAHS while also making it a sight to see.

“Their varying talents, origins, and sense of humor all mix into it,” said Pham. “Like I’ve stated earlier, this awesome and nonsensical event is planned to take place in April.”

“Mr. Aviation is going to be at the end of the year and it’s really fun I encourage everyone to go,” said Stukel. “Erin Magarro and Caroline [Tran] are mainly going to planning it this year with the help of Davie Anne and a few other ASB members. It’s always fun to watch and spectate.”

Students with ideas for ASB are always welcome to speak their opinion if they think events can be improved. Criticism is also encouraged, so they can do what is best for the school.

“We have weekly focus groups, one grade per week so I guess each grade is monthly,” said Stukel. “The class senators invite students in and ask them questions like how ASB is doing this year and if they have anything they want to see in the future. That’s the main way right now we get student input.”

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