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A new addition to student-led clubs

Math Club being held on Tuesdays

By Aasees Singh

Ms. Welch is helping Patrick Hoang understand a lesson in class he was having trouble with. In Math Club Ms. Welch will help students with math they are having questions about.

Ms. Welch is helping Patrick Hoang understand a lesson in class he was having trouble with. In Math Club Ms. Welch will help students with math they are having questions about.

Recently, RAHS has added Math Club to the roster. Previously, RAHS did have a Math Club and it will actually be reopening this semester. There, students are able to learn beyond what their math teachers have in their curriculum, and have a better understanding of what math really is. Math Club is after school on Tuesdays in the third floor flex space outside of Dr. Edgerton’s classroom.


Junior Patrick Hoang is one of the students who helped start Math Club because he thoroughly enjoys working on mathematics, like many students in AP Calculus BC.


“There was always a little rumble in BC Calc about Math Club.” said Hoang. “We decided to start a one because of our combined love for math.”


JoAnn Welch is the advisor for Math Club; however, she really wants the students to be heavily involved in running the club.


“I’m trying to have as little impact as possible, and mostly just have the students run it, and just be here as the adult and provide the space and to answer any questions they might have.” said Welch, “I think it’s great that they want to explore math more pretty much anything they want to do is up to them.”


Club members work hard to help each other make progress, and the club hopes to take their skills to competitions.


“We will be doing math competitions and tournaments,” said Hoang, “and also helping each other learn different aspects of math.”


Students will also be doing more than participating in competitions. They will be working hard to understand the depths math.    


“The purpose of Math Club is to challenge students mathematically,” said Hoang. “We like to take math to the next level and learn beyond the stuff in class.”


Hoang asserts that if students were to join Math Club, they would end up with a better understanding of what they are learning in their classes.


“Mathematics is extremely dense,” said Hoang, “There are so many different facets of math that people never take time to look into,”


Math Club will supplement the skills students learn in their classes. This is very important for RAHS students, as STEM is the foundation for the school.  


“Since RAHS is a STEM school, mathematics will be a large portion of every student’s education.” said Hoang. “Many students also want to learn past the textbook material, and Math Club is the place for this.”


Welch believes the turnout will be many students in each grade as the club progresses throughout the semester.


“I know that a lot of the AP Calculus kids are involved in it,” said Welch. “I do hope it would extend to the freshmen and the sophomores because they’ll take it on in eventually.”


Welch wants students to maintain their love of math by participating in extracurricular activities.


“A lot of the members will take the AMC [American Mathematics Competition] math test, and it’s very challenging. I just want to help them enjoy math more,” said Welch. “A lot of times people get to high school, and they don’t like math anymore; that’s not really a problem at this school, but I want them to keep that love for math.”


Welch and other members encourage people who are thinking about attending to stop on by.  
“Math is really just everywhere,” said Welch,“and if so they want to explore any aspect of it they should stop in and pitch it as a topic of interest.”

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