08092020 Headline:

Students learn value of community service

Summer is an opportune time to volunteer for great causes throughout the local community. There are many options to choose from, ranging from volunteering at local animal shelters, to running community camps. Volunteering builds character, [...]

Shiroma relaxes for the first time

Since leaving RAHS last year, former chemistry teacher Garrett Shiroma moved to Ewa Beach on the island O’ahu in Hawai’i. Shiroma has been entirely focused on his business plan, which has moved away from his original food truck plan and [...]

Leaving seniors leave advice

The class of 2018 is graduating 14 June 2018. After four year at RAHS, they have useful information on how to traverse high school for underclassmen. Senior and athlete Hannah Kaiser knows that studies are important in life especially in high [...]

New math teacher solves schedule problems

A new math teaching position has been filled by Edward Tompson for the 2018-19 school year. He will be taking over both Algebra I and II classes. Tompson currently works at Highline High School. Being a proud part of the Highline School District [...]

Farewell to Journalism

Dear the readers of The Phoenix Flyer: With sadness in our hearts, we have the unfortunate duty of telling you that this issue will be the final issue of The Phoenix Flyer. With our longtime advisor Jacob Savishinsky moving on to the new position [...]

Powerhouse biology teacher leaves RAHS cell

On Wednesday, 23 May 2018, biology and health teacher Nathan Gwinn announced to his class that this will be his last year. He will be teaching at Vashon High School next year, a shorter commute from his home in Port Orchard, Washington. “The [...]

Students get their foot in the door before college

Employers are much more likely to hire a RAHS student with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume who lacks experience. Junior Ruby Whorton will be part of the Brightwater Water Treatment Center internship [...]

Marshalla reflects on a golden year

Over the past decade, the RAHS community has seen dozens of amazing instructors who have left a profound mark on the school’s culture. This year, there was a sterling new addition to the world language department; Ms. Ramana Marshalla. As [...]

Unit project brings class curriculum to life

When RAHS junior, Arianna McDowell, embarked on her newest project in Junior Literature, she was definitely not expecting the interview of a lifetime. The classJunior Literature is currently doing a project that is related to the latest book [...]

Retired RAHS teacher returns to the classroom

Toshiki Kumakura, retired RAHS AP Japanese and Spanish teacher, left RAHS last year and has been making his mark in the Federal Way school system. Before he began substituting, Kumakura took some time off to help his son with his newborn baby. “I [...]

A short discussion on the new dress code

As summer rapidly approaches, and the days become hotter, RAHS students are finally allowed to wear shorts to school beginning 1 May 2018. Junior Matthew Morin is also excited to be able to change things up with summer around the corner, and [...]