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George Orwell’s predictions are false

World not as dystopian as author forecasted

By Chris Hendrickson

It is undeniable that today’s society has become a reality like that in George Orwell’s 1984. However, what the novice author got wrong was accurately portraying the world’s current state.

Today, our world is defined by the omnipresence of war. The United States battles against faceless enemies like ISIS and al Qaeda, just as in the novel, Oceania waged an endless war against Eastasia and Eurasia. Our world is the same as in the novel, and yet, our lives are great. Coffee’s still warm and gas prices are low. Nothing like the dystopia Orwell thought it would be. Our enemy has changed its name at least three times in the last couple decades: USSR, the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS–they’re all the same! We are in constant warfare with these entities and, unlike in the novel, our lives are great.

The National Security Agency has hacked into nearly every single American’s phone, credit card, and email records. This didn’t lead to people being thrown in jail and lynched off of the streets. Well, not the good people. Instead, the number of terrorist attacks is the lowest it has been in the past thirteen years. In fact, the number of terrorist attacks post-2001 are the same amount of terrorist attacks the United States experienced before then. Our hardworking government puts an end to 99.99999% of the attacks. When an attempt rarely proves to be successful, it is only because the universe has aligned in such a way that even the US government can’t handle.

Despite the alleged breaches to the public’s privacy such as the PRISM, no one has made a considerable complaint in regards to this. No one seems to think all of these breaches in their privacy is a bad thing. Wouldn’t it surprise the average Joe that our nation spying on us puts the enemies of the state at a disadvantage? Even though the United States suffers the occasional terrorist attack, we cannot even fathom how many more there would be without a passionate, dutiful, and caring government monitoring the population’s every move. Orwell tried to scare readers into believing that such actions would be a negative thing, but in fact, the stability of American society lies solely on the shoulders of the three letter agency that keeps an ever watchful eye over everything we do.


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