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Illumihate Me

I’m searching for a light in the darkness here at RAHS, and not much is illuminating the path. That’s right: the one thing that should make things clearer just muddies the waters even more. There is only one place in the world where 4 + [...]

Ground Control: Being a mess and handling siblings

Dear Ground Control, I just don’t seem to fit in. I am a mess. I got dress coded already for wearing a WIAA sport shirt on fridays when my game day was. I missed a homework due date and the back of my laptop keeps breaking. I know high [...]

The snark has been duly noted

We are nearing the end of a long and tiring year and as a low key week comes up we can finally show off our footy pajamas and short shorts combo, but then, disaster strikes! Our phones start vibrating–a dress code notice and numerous pointless [...]

The Shark Attacks Daylight Savings

Ahh… Daylight Savings Time (DST), when we purposefully subject ourselves to jet lag by “springing” one hour ahead just to “fall back” six months later. Sure, it may be nice to get an extra hour of sleep in the fall — but we all [...]

Ground Control: 10 Foot Poles and Bathroom Anxiety

Dear Ground Control, Is there any subject you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole? -Wonder Walle   Dear Walle, Things I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole because EWWW!: Backpack dust Urinal handles Cafeteria food Things [...]

RAHS students’ opinions on Donald Trump

“I think Trump is what the country needs to save America and make it better at life and make America great again.” Michael Alden “If I wanted to kill myself I’d jump from Donald Trump’s ego to his IQ.” Nathan Simmons “If Donald [...]

Snark Attack: A rant on the constant rescheduling of the bus routes

It’s the end of the day. Everyone’s exhausted, and sixth period is dragging along. You can’t help but daydream about going home. The walk, the drive, the bus ride…Oh wait… Surprise, surprise! Route 42 riders are now going to be riding [...]

Ground Control: Tough love and the point of going to college

Dear Ground Control, What’s the point of getting into college, working and being a millionaire if we all die? What’s the point in life? What is the secret to life? -Quarterlife Crisis   Well, assuming you even graduate, maybe [...]

Snark Attack: The bashing of the evac chair

Imagine you’re in in the midst of a school emergency. The alarms are chiming just loudly enough for you to notice the state of crisis. The voice telling you to leave before you die is giving directions in the most polite and passive aggressive [...]

Ground Control: Grade problems and some complaints

Dear Ground Control, All through my freshman year I knew that I was having a really hard time. My grades were slowly dropping and I was too terrified to tell anybody about it so I lied to my friends about my grades. The same thing is happening [...]

Homecoming and dealing with the introverts

With less than a week left until Homecoming, I’m too scared to ask someone and I don’t think anyone will ask me. What should I do?   Dateless and Desperate     Dear Dateless,   Man up: pick up the remote, turn off [...]
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