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Ground Control: Being a mess and handling siblings

By Phoenix Flyer

Dear Ground Control,

I just don’t seem to fit in. I am a mess. I got dress coded already for wearing a WIAA sport shirt on fridays when my game day was. I missed a homework due date and the back of my laptop keeps breaking. I know high school would be hard anywhere, but I’m just not meant for it. I don’t feel welcomed. Instead I feel like teachers are throwing homework out like garbage and like all the other students are perfect. Am I over stressing? Is it bad that I got dress coded already? Is having B’s okay?

-Aviation anxiety


Dear most Aviation students,


The first thing I would like to point out is that everyone has a hard transition to high school. Some people adjust to the new way of life more quickly, while others take longer to find their place. There is always a struggle, and it is always real, and your struggles don’t make you worse than others. Dress code is definitely struggle #1 for a lot of students here: don’t sweat it too much, you never know if you’re going to get dress coded. Don’t let the haters dampen your style. You probably look fabulous. Struggle number two is the homework. Teachers really don’t hate you–it’s not just busy work, it’s meant to help you learn something. I know it can pile up, and learning how to deal is an essential survival skill. Remember though, stressing over grades too much will be your downfall. I’m telling you right now, if you’re working hard and you still get a B, it’s okay. I know people who have the entire alphabet on their transcript, and they’ve gone on to be okay. If all else fails, you can be a trophy wife/husband. If you’re wildly successful, hmu because I’m planning on being a trophy spouse. 😉 The last and most important struggle is that you don’t feel welcomed here. That’s tough, but sometimes you just have to work to your niche. Have you extended yourself to get involved in anything besides classes here? Perhaps one of our sports of the mind teams? GSA? Ultimate? Satellite team? AIAA? Interact? I know that athletics can demand a lot of your time, but if you want to be part of our community, you need to jump in on some of the things we do here–you’ll make friends in a snap.


Best of luck,

Ground Control


Dear Ground Control,

My sister is 10 years old and is awnry as ever. We are the same height and we often get mistaken for twins. Cleaning in our house is a big deal, but not for her. She has american girl dolls and webkinz all over the floor and refuses to clean up. I tried bribing her with cookies, threatening her, and attacking her with pillows and hats, and she will never clean, meaning that I never have a clean place to sit and watch TV. I once tried throwing her stuff away and that ended badly. What does a girl gotta do to get her sister to clean up?

– A Dirty Disaster


Dear Disaster,


That sounds awful. My number one piece of advice for effective creature control is to crack down on their training. I find that a clicker is a really great tool to have. The basic idea of the clicker is that when they do something good, you click it and give them a treat. Eventually, you can get them to associate the clicks with the treat, and then after that, you can remove the treat from the equation, and the click is all you need for positive reinforcement. If negative reinforcement is your thing, you should go for the classic squirt bottle. Basically, when she barks does something you don’t like, you spray her. She will begin to associate certain behaviors with the unpleasant sensation of spray on her face, and soon she will avoid said behaviors. Whichever technique you choose, it should get the job done. You’ll have your puppy sister trained in no time!! (Trust me, I once went to a training camp, I’m an expert). If this fails, all hope is gone. You’ll just have to wait until you move out for college–this is incentive to do so.


Have fun training!

Animal Control

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