05262020 Headline:

Getting ahead at Stanford

Aviation High School junior Lauren Crom is making a big step toward her college dreams after being accepted into the Stanford Summer Session, a program that allows high school and college students to take part in undergraduate classes at Stanford [...]

Lock-in locked in

Aviation High School’s Culture Club is trying something new this year as they plan the first ever AHS school-wide lock-in. They have made attempts in the past, but had trouble with organization. This year will be different, and they are already [...]

Build season takes flight and reaches new heights

Halfway through the 2013 build season the Aviation High School Skunkworks Robotics team is well into the design process for their robot so that they can compete in this year’s game Ultimate Ascent, but they have not been without some difficulties [...]

Learn Science and Give Back

Aviation High School will be holding a Science and Robotics Day on November 10 to expose middle schoolers to science and engineering.  In addition, there will also be many ways for AHS students to give back by participating in the event. The [...]

Summer Fun Before College Starts

Fall marks the beginning of college for Aviation High School’s graduating seniors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have one more bout of fun before heading back to the books. Summer is a time to relax and have fun before another year [...]

Convictions Clash Over Culminating Project

Requirements for senior projects are getting an overhaul for next year, including stricter requirements regarding the STEM aspects of the project. As a result, many of this year’s juniors may have to rethink their plans. In the past senior [...]

Robots Go Classic With Three Laws

  After nearly 120 years of operation, FIRST™(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics has implemented new programming requirements for competition robots, most notably including the Three Laws of Robotics, [...]

Internet Goes Dark

Concern over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) has spread across the country and made its way to Aviation High School. SOPA and PIPA are acts designed to protect intellectual property, such as [...]

Election Results Are In

 After a voting season focusing on many complex and significant issues like I-1125 and I-1183, the results are in, and it is time to learn what issues passed or failed, and how these results will affect the students at AHS. Initiative 1125 [...]

AHS Takes Flight as Ground Breaks

In August 23, ground broke for the new Aviation High School. This milestone event, however, is only the beginning, as new opportunities for students start to become realities. “We have been at this for eight years,” says AHS principal Reba [...]