05262020 Headline:

Museum of Flight Lands B-29 Bomber

Sitting on the Southeast parking ramp of Boeing Field, a gigantic airplane in a bright white protective sheet awaits restoration by the Museum of Flight team. The airplane is an antique Boeing B-29 bomber that flew 37 missions in World War Two [...]

BRIAHS is First High School to Think With Portals

  Sponsored by Sirius Cybernetics Corportation Back in the good old days, there were really only two ways to get to school—driving or taking the bus, but now BladeRunner Industries Aviation High will offer teleportation as an alternative. Students [...]

Corporate Marriage (on the) Rocks?

Despite the $138 million loss in revenue for the fourth quarter, the newly merged United Airlines is on the way to increased profits. This loss is up from a $325 million loss in the fourth quarter of last year. Although it is still a significant [...]

Slimming Seattle’s Airspace

In the most recent update of the National Airspace System, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has substantially reduced the size of the heavily-regulated Class Bravo Airspace that radiated 30 nautical miles surrounding Sea-Tac Airport. Class [...]

Launching Curiosity

The newest Mars rover, dubbed “Curiosity,” was launched on November 25th atop a massive Atlas V rocket. The Mars Science Laboratory mission aims to land this vehicle on the surface of Mars—over 62 million miles away.  The trip is expected [...]
An Alaska Airlines 737 at Boeing Field

Taking it to the MAX

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is scheduled to vote December 7th that will create a four year contract for Boeing workers.  The new contract will include an “annual pay raise of 2 percent and cost-of-living [...]