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Pilot Jones


My grades are going down. I’m trying to study every night, but I cannot seem to get motivated. Help.

~Help With Homework

The end of a long year full of tests you didn’t know about, projects where Wikipedia helped more than the partner you were assigned, homework your “dog ate,” exams you Tebowed for after passing, awkward dances where your teachers watch you try to twerk, classes that you learned how to sleep in. Your grades are failing Greek style?  It’s cool, everyone gets a little tired. You would much rather rage with your friends then enjoy a nice steaming stack of homework. Most students are burned out by this time of the year because the weather is sunny, they would like to be anywhere else but here, activities are about to be in full swing, and seniors just want to move on to college. Pilot Jones just got out of school a couple of years ago, seven years at my local high school was enough for me. It’s safe to say when I got tired of studying, I buckled down and focused on annihilating the noobs on Xbox Live instead of my homework.


But that will not be your fate! School is like a marathon: after facing obstacles large and small, you lack the energy to finish, you hit a wall that seems you can’t break through, so you give up. Little do you know it’s almost over. The end of the year (the brick wall)  is when you give it your all. It’s your final “hurrah,’’ your shining moment that proves your fortitude, and gives you something to look back on and be proud of. Let’s break through that wall. First thing I want you to do is motivate yourself: set up goals, but also make reasonable rewards so once you accomplish yatta yatta yatta. The second thing you should do is pat yourself on the back, you’ve come thus far somehow. You’re obviously capable of doing just a little bit more. And number three: DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t just crap out and lose all you’ve worked for, diligently take your school load step by step and next thing you know you’ll be sipping VIRGIN piña coladas on your friend’s dad’s boat with school being furthest from your mind.


Dear Pilot Jones,

What’s your opinion on girls asking out guys? And who do I ask?


Wow, I’ve always dreamed about this, a woman finally thinking outside the box, taking the risk. You are a true hero. You’re way nicer than girls from my generation. My highschool crush, Beyonce, broke my heart when she didn’t accept my Chuck-e-Cheese coupon promposal. I mean, I really shelled out too, it wasn’t just the coupon; I’m talking about the flowers I picked from that dog park, the home made card that possessed immaculate clip-art, AND 43 skee-ball tickets already won by me! But we’ve both moved on to bigger and better things. Well, I have, her singing career got a little buzz and she can afford a lineup, but nothing big has happened to her after “us.” Guys your age are going through a tough time: adolescence. It brings a lot of crazy lovey gushy feelings. Every man has had a time in his life where his encounters with the opposite sex have made him cower in fear. Some cases getting shut down, some working out perfect, regardless you’ll live to see another day. I’m going to tell you like one of my sons, be brave, why not give it a shot? The worst that can happen is a “no” and some awkward looks in the hall, which you will get over eventually. BUT DON’T BOTHER ASKING IF HE’S JUST LOOKS. Don’t pass up on that total package of a nerd with the braces and acne, playing on his computer in the corner, he’s probably a really interesting, thoughtful person, whose looks will kick in a little later in life; for some 6’3 schlub that barely knows his ABC’s and starts every sentence with, “Dude,” or my all time favorite, “Brooooo”.  So in the end, my opinion about girls asking guys out (which it totally okay by me, guys here are too scared), it’s about if you like that guy enough to pop the question.

Dating/Valentines Day advice

Dear Pilot Jones,

I’ve liked this guy for a very long time, in fact I think I have a case of love at first sight. I remember all the times in Ms. Cook’s class we would always do our vocabulary, even though it was mostly him copying my paper. This is the kind of teamwork it takes to build a strong relationship. I just know he is the one, and since Valentine’s Day is coming up and I think it might be a stretch to get him to ask me, so I thought I’d ask him myself. I Snapchat him all the time (before school, in the hall, in class, while tying my shoe, during lunch, in church, in my room, outside his window, while doing homework) and telling from the two snaps I got back this new tool might be a vessel that drives our love boat. I asked all my friends if this is strange just for closure, but they can’t talk (they’re cats) so I decided to write to you, Pilot Jones. Asking him through Snapchat seems legit, but I just don’t know. If this is strange, please give me some cool ways to ask.

Snapchat Stalker

Dear Snapchat Stalker,

First off, I’m so glad you asked this question–it really makes me one happy camper. Valentine’s Day is a special time, my favorite. Whether you have a secret crush, public crush, boyfriend or girlfriend, pal, or a cat in your case, doing something special for someone rocks. Obviously, you’re slightly off the rocker, which someone might learn to appreciate, but to a regular person that might be coming on a little strong. That’s not all, SNAPCHAT REALLY, SNAPCHAT? Where’s the chivalry?  Girl, that’s just sad, I mean you don’t Snapchat for love, that ridiculous. I don’t want to be rude, but maybe spend more time praying for a boyfriend rather than sending him pointless pictures. If it’s not face to face, it ain’t legit. First and foremost, you lost your snapchat privileges. Delete that app off your phone at once, and sit down with a pen and paper and see if you still have the capability to write. Once words start to fall together, turn it into a love poem like this one.

Roses are red, so are firetrucks

There’s a fire within me, that’s hot like the Chinese take-out

Violets are blue, my feelings aren’t new

I love you, like an old pair of shoes

To wrap things up, I’m stuck in a rut

Be my Valentine or I’ll sit on a couch all alone

Poems like these spark something real in a relationship, and I feel as though it would grab his attention immediately.  But there are also other ways to approach him. If your writing skills are lacking, there’s always a face to face approach. You can bring him food. Food is the fastest way to his heart, and stomach. Some ideas of what to bring him are:
– Artichokes in the shape of hearts
– Red M&M’s
– Edible roses
– A tiger with a pizza on his back
– Sloppy joes
Asking guys to be your Valentine is obviously not traditional, but going outside the box would really prove that you have guts. I’m sure most guys would like you for having the confidence of just going straight up to them and asking them. Even if you don’t have that many ideas, taking the risk to ask him is pretty boss. In the past, I’ve seen girls ask young men through posters with kind messages and sometimes buying the flowers and snacks that are sold in the school cafeteria for them. Don’t be afraid to ask him, because if you get shot down, you always have your felines. Listen to Pilot Jones, take these few ideas, get off snapchat, and go get your man!

Pilot Jones

Need a friend, someone to talk to, or guidance through this wild place we call school??? My advice will help you take flight, right out of that sticky situation of yours!

Smells Like Gaming Season

It’s funny how it all started with a simple idea, going from one ball and two paddles all the way to an entire recreation of war, racing, or even the zombie apocalypse. Whatever video game you choose prepare yourself to be in the front lines—all while in the comfort of your own home.

By imitating things that happen in the real world the video game world gets better and better. For example the first person ‘sandbox’ game created by a Swedish programmer, Minecraft, took computers everywhere by storm, and commanded the attention of many Aviation High School students. For those who spend their time in the real world and don’t know the ins and outs of  Minecraft, it is mainly made for creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of cubes in a 3D world.  Minecraft has also been taken to another level with the Minecraft- Pocket Edition, which is Android and Apple product capable, with almost all the same features as the PC version. Also most recently buzz have been created with another version for the Xbox 360. With an endless amount of things to do one can only imagine how easy it is for one to get lost in gameplay and forget your surroundings. Besides Minecraft, there are so many other games that are newly released and set to release soon. Some people require a little bit more action and graphics that can be found in games like:  Halo 4, Need for Speed: Most Wanted – A Criterion Game, Day One: Garry’s Incident, and Dungeon Gate, should do the trick.

“Actually taking advice from the diehard gamers themselves will make gaming better,” said Elliot Guenther, speaking on behalf of AHS gamers.

Following last year Madden 12 EA Sports got a lot of positive feedback and things they could possibly work on, ironically, companies actually took the advice and consumers. Making tackles and catches more realistic along with smoother gameplay was the task at hand and was accomplished on the follow up game Madden 13.

“Collisions feel 1,000 percent more real than they ever have,” said senior Corey Ndifon, “sometimes it scares me, like I’m really in the game.” The world created by video games has expanded in so many ways and video game companies are making sure to keep up in every way by adapting and modifying their games with respect to the attention of the player. Naturally people love hearing their opinion heard and this years games really have to show for it. For a gamer that keeps their attention in the world of sports, EA Sports released their other soccer alternative hit Fifa 13 back in September.

Only true gamers still hold on to their old school stuff like Gamecube’s and GameBoy’s however when asked about what they play,  most AHS students  identified most with the Xbox 360, like it was a no brainer.  The occasional remarks on Xbox 360 competitors; PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii are made but they are nothing compared to roar of popularity made by Microsoft’s console. Just two years ago on August, 3, 2010, Microsoft announced a redesigned Xbox 360,  this version of the 360 came with all the bells and whistles and the new Xbox Live which is the main selling point for the 360, in a nutshell it is the online service for gaming and content distribution for the Xbox. The use of online gaming has made the experience easier to share with friends, other random players, and even the occasional celebrity, given the right time.

“When I finish up beating the game, I know online play is infinite so I never really finish the game,” said Guenther.

Online play makes it easier on companies, knowing their fans are occupied with not only the challenge of beating the game but also putting up their skills against anyone with Xbox Live access gives them time to keep making games even better.


Bouncing Back From Summer Slack

Sophomore Austin Turnidge and Junior Olivia Ochnik seem to be dazed and cofused when it comes to simple things like writing and reading

Being so close to summer, the only thing students have on their mind is warm weather, vacations away from Seattle rain, hanging out all night, and living young, wild and free. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and after three months it’s back to the books whether you’re ready or not. If your idea of fun isn’t coming back to school at third grade reading level and completely unaware of who fought in WWII, digging through your stuff to study old notes and homework assignments will serve you well.  

Freshmen had their year jam packed with Physical Science and Aviation English this year. Understanding the scientific methods and flying simulators wasn’t the only thing they had to do.  Managing all the homework given by Ms. Cook was also a major duty they took on this year.

“Man, all that Cook work!” said freshman Cynthia Tran. “Time management was one of the most important things I learned this year.”

Remembering  all the things you learned during school is a daunting task, so freshmen had to stay on their A game all year.

 “I didn’t know how to prepare for my freshman year,” said Tran, “so I knew I had to work really hard once school started.”

The end of the year is coming and AHS’s freshmen seem to have all the right stuff for upcoming sophomore year.  As sophomore Anthony Ayson said, “party hard, but keep your materials.”

Ayson has learned to make time to relax and party during summer, but every once in awhile treat himself to a book.  Summer assignments require certain reading, but for the most part, you are free to read that sappy romance novel or action packed thriller you’d set your sights on.

“I really had to work on improving my writing,” said Ayson.  “That was the hardest part of this year.”

Through networking he was able to find help from peers and teachers at school. Over the summer when he is not busy flying to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he will be going through his portfolio and doing summer assignments early.

“Keep important school stuff in a binder, don’t slack just because it’s summer,” said Ayson, “review notes from time to time, summer assignments aren’t that bad do them right and you will start next year off well.”

AHS curriculum is meant to prepare you for your next steps, whether it be higher education or a job.  Derivatives and integrals in calculus were a challenge for senior Jared Sharp this year.

“I’m not 100% college ready, I’m a little nervous,” said Sharp. “I will be attending WSU next year but I’m not completely ready, I want a better understanding of calc so I’ll be retaking it.”

It’s inevitable that you will lose some of what you recently learned over the summer and that’s ok. Substituting reading for TV helps your edge going back to school; pick something that you will find joy in reading. Focus on your toughest challenges during the last year and fill the gaps at a decelerated pace just for you.

A little practice to retain what you learned never hurts; if you don’t know exactly what to do there is more than likely a summer assignment for you and instead of putting it off until last minute, take it on bit by bit to reduce stress.

Aside from the studying and internships, jobs and yard work are some good character building activities. Don’t get caught off guard, you don’t want anything hindering you from the start of a good year, so be sure to avoid the summer backslide.

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