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Pilot Jones

  My grades are going down. I’m trying to study every night, but I cannot seem to get motivated. Help. ~Help With Homework The end of a long year full of tests you didn’t know about, projects where Wikipedia helped more than the [...]

Dating/Valentines Day advice

Dear Pilot Jones, I’ve liked this guy for a very long time, in fact I think I have a case of love at first sight. I remember all the times in Ms. Cook’s class we would always do our vocabulary, even though it was mostly him copying my paper. [...]

Smells Like Gaming Season

It’s funny how it all started with a simple idea, going from one ball and two paddles all the way to an entire recreation of war, racing, or even the zombie apocalypse. Whatever video game you choose prepare yourself to be in the front lines—all [...]

Bouncing Back From Summer Slack

Being so close to summer, the only thing students have on their mind is warm weather, vacations away from Seattle rain, hanging out all night, and living young, wild and free. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and after three months [...]