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2017 Year in Review

Dear readers, Due to a file uploading error, we accidentally reprinted our center spread feature (pages 6-7) from our last issue, instead of a new “Year in Review” feature we were excited to share with you. We apologize for the error, and [...]

Meet the RAHS Spirit Squad!

Avid Flyer

RAHS Phoenix Flyer

#RAHSLiftoff in the news

Raisbeck Aviation High School’s Grand Opening on October 17 has been been getting a lot of attention in the media, so the Phoenix Flyer has collected all the best stories from around the Puget Sound for our readers. Follow all these links [...]

Live Blog #2 – Environmental challenge presentations

Today and Thursday we will be live blogging the Aviation Hig School / Port of Seattle Environmental Challenge project presentations. This is a follow up on our last live blog, which followed the sophomores on their all day field trip at the [...]

Live Blogging the Sophomore Environmental Challenge

POST #1 It’s first thing on a monday morning, and AHS sophomores are already hard at work on this year’s environmental chal:lenge project. Today’s topics: deicing procedures, legal consequences of regulatory non-compliance [...]

The Phoenix Flyer Needs Your Help!

The Phoenix Flyer has a grant project posted on DonorsChoose.org, and we need your help! We want to add real time live-blogging to our website, and start covering important events as they happen. But we need some tools for the job – specifically [...]

A Solid Foundation

AHS promises students a solid foundation for college, career and citizenship, and now AHS itself has a solid foundation on which to grow. Recent photographs from the construction contractor show a newly poured foundation, a critical step towards [...]

Science Olympiad Makes State

AHS Science Olympians— St. Patrick’s Day Results At the Science Olympiad regional competition, AHS’s three teams distinguished themselves with their outstanding sportsmanship and their achievement.  Months of hard work and study [...]

Aerotec Internship

Aerotec Internship Available Applications due ASAP for $15 an hour Position/s: Engineering Intern with AeroTEC   Intern(s) will assist staff at AeroTEC with aerospace engineering related tasks.  1-2 positions.   AeroTEC, a leading [...]