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Future scientists explore their passions

For their final project in AP Physics 2, RAHS upperclassmen have been tasked with an open-ended assignment to create a helpful project, whether it be for their own benefit or for the benefit of future students.   Seniors Kaeden Wile and [...]

RAHS to offer 4 years of Spanish next year

In February 2017, the Highline School District mandated that all schools offer four consecutive years of world language. As a result, next year RAHS will offer four years of Spanish. Director of Language Learning and Teacher Development Bernard [...]

Dress complaints cause crackdown

As the summer approaches, RAHS students participate in a tradition as old as the pancake breakfast and as prestigious as the wingman award: summer dress code violations. RAHS Dean of Students Mrs. Nuka Nurzhanov believes that when as the temperature [...]

ASB upset over yearbook absence

In RAHS’s annual, released Friday 3 June 2016, ASB was shocked to find that their usual page in the yearbook was not there. 2016 alumni and former ASB Vice President Karl Nielsen was very vocal about the issue. “Those [on ASB] who I did [...]

RAHS remembers No-Shave November cause

  Movember, or No-shave November, is that time of year that’s known for its lack of kisses. Goatees, mustaches, and logger beards are brandished by men all over the country. Now Movember is over, and students at RAHS who participated [...]

New date: still no date

Originally scheduled for 17 Oct., the Aviators’ Ball has been relocated to Des Moines Beach Park Auditorium and rescheduled to 14 Nov., only a week away. Many students have been left in the dark regarding the cause of this major change. Senior [...]

Laptops return to (not) play

While students were out and about during the summer, RAHS’s Blended Learning Technologist Anthony McLaughlin was hard at work fixing the laptops so they would function better during the 2015-2016 school year. After a cleaning of the hardware, [...]

Big bands jam their way into Seattle

During the spring and summer, there is a significant increase in concerts and events that come through Seattle. Students at RAHS are already buying tickets and getting pumped for their favorite bands’ concerts. Some of the bigger names coming [...]

Tribesmen worship strange children in costumes

S ociologists working with Raisbeck Geographic have been studying the Noitaiva tribe for long enough to observe a pattern in the behavior of the tribe’s worship. There is a lot of physical evidence and observed behavior that points to the [...]

Terrifying tales from Valentine’s Day past

Valentine’s Day can be a day of love for some, but it can also be a worst nightmare. Remember, an entire day of romance can just go all wrong. Horrifying fact: In Japan, girls put their periods into chocolate so that they can claim their [...]

Ultimate Christmas Special Deathmatch

Students this holiday season are preparing to go to blows over their treasured TV holiday traditions. “My favorite Christmas special has got to be Charlie Brown, simply because it puts all others to shame… I can’t stand anything Disney [...]
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