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70+ model planes given to RAHS

Edmond Squifflet, a retired Boeing Civil Engineer, passed away in Nov. 2016, and his model aircraft collection was gradually donated to RAHS this year.   David Bush, executor of the late Edmond Squifflet’s estate, personally knew and [...]

Seniors try not to fall to senioritis

ASB has been holding a slough of different focus groups for the senior class as each decision made for the class of 2017 must go through several different levels of approval. Recent changes have been made with regard to senior graduation plans [...]

From STEM student to humanities teacher

Inaugural RAHS (just AHS at the time) class alum, Mr. Mario Pilapil works at Dimmitt Middle School in Renton, WA as an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher with students who know little to no English.   “I originally wanted to be an [...]

New IRC club more relevant now than ever

International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a new RAHS Thursday club being held in physics teacher and the club advisor Robert Steele’s room.   The IRC’s official mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict [...]

MLK Assembly makes waves

Senior Champagne Ryder performed his spoken word poem “Call to Action” at RAHS’ Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly, which has since caused a stir in the student body. Ryder intended to help people see issues of inequality and injustice [...]

Marvel at RAHS students’ failures

Over the past ten years, the Marvel empire has consumed many students’ lives. Their love for Marvel knows no bounds, affecting grades, sleep, and social lives.   Students go out of their way to embrace the culture of the Marvel fandom. [...]

Training the next Bill Gates

This year, the Introduction to Economics class has consisted of practicing investing in the stock market and setting up household budgets. However, the teacher Ms. Renee Olsen is reworking the class’ curriculum. Instead of the more traditional [...]

Big Brother is driving with you

  Driving home on the open highway, after finishing the layout of this very newspaper, I look down at my speedometer. I somehow managed to hit 83 mph without realizing it. My heart drops: the sensor in my car is going to tattle on me. [...]

Airpark transforms into new Aviation Pavilion

The new Aviation Pavilion, formerly known as the Airpark, has raised many questions. The SRG Partnership Inc. has worked with the museum on the Symoni Space Gallery, Sky Bridge, and now the Aviation Pavilion. Many students are wondering whether [...]

Student extracurriculars include Magic, airplanes

  All the stress that comes with attending Raisbeck Aviation High School can come in giant loads, so it makes sense students would come up with different way to de-stress and escape school life. Champagne Ryder Champagne Ryder, junior, [...]

The good, the bad, and the pixilated

Looking back at this summer’s movies, some surpassed expectations, but many movies dropped the ball. Ant-Man, one of the summer’s most anticipated movies, turned out to be a lot better than many Marvel fans had expected. Even critics [...]
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