Troy Hoehne’s Aviation Law class consists of students interested in learning about what happens behind the scenes of all things aviation, specifically regarding to the laws and regulations surrounding the industry. The class is now in the process of working on a large project, where students must come up with compelling reasons to continue service at small, local airports. They must research the services and opportunities the local airports and the surrounding community offer, and the impact losing commercial aviation would have if it were lost. When all research is gathered, students will draft, edit, and revise a formal presentation to a simulated council of airline officials. Sophomore Arianna Montoya is a student of Aviation Law has helped deepen her[…]

After saying farewell to Mr. Steele last year, Dona Bien-Aime has taken over the position as RAHS’ physics teacher. Bien-Aime has already made a large impact in many RAHS student’s education and has made himself fit in perfectly in RAHS’ welcoming community. In addition, he has taken over WAI Club and has created Chess Club” Being a teacher at RAHS for his first year, Bien-Aime was pleasantly surprised that so many of the students at RAHS were very engaged and excited about learning. “So far, I found RAHS intellectually curious,” said Bien-Aime. “There is thirst for learning among RAHS students; they are also extremely polite”. Coming into RAHS after teaching at other schools, Bien-Aime felt very welcomed by the students.[…]

After lots of hard work and collaboration between the Museum of Flight, RAHS, and the Raisbecks, a mural will be put up on RAHS’ south exterior walls to help enliven the space between RAHS and the Museum of Flight. The mural is expected to begin being put up on 1 Nov. 2017 and will say “The sky is not the limit” along with one of Sherry Raisbeck’s extraordinary art piece, Cosmic Lady and M82. RAHS Principal Therese Tipton was a big part of making this idea, originally created by Dr. James D. Raisbeck and the Museum of Flight, happen. “The overall idea between Dr. Raisbeck, the Museum of Flight, and the school was to create a space that highlighted the[…]