05242019 Headline:

Cooking up science

This May sees the approaching project presentations for the chemistry class’ annual molecular gastronomy project.   Students take their pre-existing chemistry knowledge and build upon it for this project, learning recipe-specific chemistry [...]

Start Your Engines!

  Among the many new technologies available at the Museum of Flight campus will be a brand-new Aerolab Educational System Wind Tunnel.   “[The new tunnel is] much bigger [than the current tunnel],” said Nikhil Joshi, the Flight by Design [...]

Googling to the Moon

Two years after Google launched the Google Lunar X Prize, the Lunar Lion team from Penn  State University continues to work towards putting a rover on the moon. “A total of $30 million in prizes are available to the first privately funded [...]

Free Art (and More) on the House

If you’re stuck wondering what to do on a summer Thursday, try visiting some amazing museums—for free! On every first Thursday of the month, new and old museums open the doors to anyone who wants to check out their art collections. Don’t [...]

Shredding the Speed Limit

Shelby Supercars (SSC), a Washington-based company, is aiming to make their new SSC Tuatara the fastest production car in the world. The Tuatara was released last year, and has been showcased at various auto shows, among them the Pebble Beach [...]

Mods Make Un-Modded Mad

        Recently, the growing use in daily life of mods – computerized and genetically designed enhancements to the human body – has led to a significant imbalance between those who can afford modifications and who can’t, [...]

An Inkling of Creativity

By allowing artists to store their sketches done in the ‘real world’ in an electronic format, the new Wacom Inkling removes the need for hours of tedious scanning and retouching. The Inkling comes in two parts: a receiver and a pen. Users [...]

Security Efforts & Concerns Grow

At Aviation High School, students worry about the safety of their data while teachers bemoan the lack of a high level computer skills program. Schools are at a higher level of digital security risk because they have less control over their [...]