05242019 Headline:

Our Very First Play

Sophomore Surbhi Ghadia recently brought her leadership project to the stage as a non-profit production of Cat in the Hat during sixth period in the gym on January 13. “It is basically a parody,” said Ghadia of the Cat in the Hat production, [...]

Craft your Christmas

Wipe away your shopping fear and make your gifts by hand this year – without the dreaded worry of shopping day fury. A gift by hand, what is it all about? A gift by hand is fantastic, no doubt. “I think it’s better to make gifts because [...]

Who is the Phoenix Mascot

The AHS phoenix is more than just a bird with glorious feathers. He has a personality that is all his own, which includes fiery school spirit, a special love for Diet Coke, and a mascot rivalry. The AHS phoenix was reincarnated from a bed of [...]