05242019 Headline:

To Censor, or not to Censor (Yourself)?

Recently on Facebook there was a scandal on the verge of starting a bad reputation for AHS with the creation of some vulgar comments made by some anonymous AHS students.   It all started with the compliments page, which was started with [...]

AHS sets standards for possible charter schools

Charter schools, which allow students to receive alternate public education like Aviation High School without a school district getting involved, have always been illegal in Washington. However, this year, the initiative to allow them is reappearing [...]

Phoenix Flyer Double Dare Challenge!

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Taking off into Summer

As the end of the school year approaches, the Museum of Flight has taken the time to plan summer events for Aviation High School students and families to enjoy. From space to new technology, the Museum tries to plan events that will be of interest [...]

That’s a Vegetable?

Sponsored by McDonald’s Recently the Boeing™ Washington State Legislature approved a new list of foods that schools can claim as vegetables for use in school lunches. “…any food that has at least 50% of a vegetable in it or significantly [...]

Parents Scramble for Names

Sponsored by MCP Inc. The Standard Oil Company United States Patent and Trademark Office, sponsored by Encom, has announced it is revising its patent laws due to the lack of names left in the world. “I have no idea what to name my unborn child,” [...]

Blasting off into the Future of AHS

Since Aviation High School came into existence the school has hoped to one day have a building to call home. More than eight years later, that hope is about to turn into a reality. With this upcoming move to the campus of the Museum of Flight, [...]

Being the Good AHSamaritan

Aviation High School has the opportunity to help food banks for the first time through the school lunches that students eat, all because of the revised Good Samaritan Act, this act will allow students to donate to those in need everyday. With [...]

Losing Education Funding

State budget cuts caused by the United States’ failing economy are now in turn affecting Washington state, and even AHS could feel the impact when education cuts are on the table. When the next Legislature convenes, education budget cuts [...]

New Sheriff in Town

The doors of the hallway opened, letting the cold air into the already cold hallway of a run down school building and in walked a man with a badge. It was the new school assistant administrator and leader of STEM Leadership, Bruce Kelly. Attracted [...]