05262020 Headline:

Satellite Tech Propelling Forward

Recently, Boeing announced the first ever communications satellite to use no chemical propulsion at all, which has profound implications for the future of space. The $400 million deal just signed with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) and Satelites [...]

Bringing Your Pet to School

Sponsored by The Elder Scrolls XXXVI Chicken, Fus Roh Bukah™ Dr. Randell L. Mills, former space-hobo and President of Blacklight Power has been chosen by Loco Industries, the conglomerate-subsidy of the AppleSoft Washington State board of [...]

Kinect Hacking

For the better part of three decades, robotics has been stuck: When a robot moves through the world it must have the ability to create a 3D map of its environment and more importantly, understand its place within it. Scientists in the field [...]

Free to Fly

In 2006, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X had a complete makeover, and now, Microsoft Flight is ready to revolutionise the market once again. This PC-only game will allow players to free roam around Hawaii in an airplane dubbed the ICON A5. [...]

Quantum Levitation

At Tel Aviv University in Israel, researchers have created a superconductor that levitates a puck, due to the phenomenon known as quantum levitation. This discovery has broad implications that may revolutionize the transportation industry within [...]
Optimus Prime making a NASA spin-off video of his own.

NASA’s Transformative Video Contest

Students must pick which technology they wish to make a video about through NASA’s annual Spinoff publication which focuses on the successes of the previous year. Students have the opportunity this year to make videos about everything from [...]

Space Industry Taking Off

The arrival of Space X’s new Dragon capsule to the International Space Station in November will mark a new beginning for space travel; however, the race to control the commercial space industry does not stop there, for Blue Origins and Orbital [...]