01202019 Headline:

Cryptocurrencies gaining popularity at RAHS

With all the recent news about bitcoin, it is no surprise that students at RAHS are getting invested in cryptocurrencies. So what are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity but not many know how the whole system works. [...]

Superintendent’s Student Leadership Team to bring about big changes

The Superintendent Student Leadership Team is comprised of 14 students from high schools all over the District and aims to find problems the schools are facing and create solutions as well. The group had its first meeting back in November. [...]

Keir Hichens attends leadership conferences

With all the new changes to scheduling, District decisions have become a hot topic around RAHS. On October 20, RAHS senior class captain Keir Hichens was selected by Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of the Highline School District, to represent [...]

ACE Club hard at work

For the past year, Raisbeck Aviation High School’s ACE club members have been dedicating their own time towards restoring a Boeing 727 sitting at Boeing Field. The plane previously belonged to the Museum of Flight but now belongs to the National [...]