07222017 Headline:

District and RAHS consider new options for tech

Donated by Dr. James Raisbeck in 2013 for all RAHS students, the set of school laptops have unfortunately begin to run their end. As administration, the district, and private donors start looking for options for the next few years regarding [...]
Sophomore Matthew Morin ran out of printing credit weeks ago but has gotten help from many friends to get his papers turned in on time

Printing credit runs out for many

Due to policy changes from last year’s over-budget printing fees, many students have found themselves out of printing credit. Beginning partly through the year, students started to run out of pages and had to print from home or another student’s’ [...]

AP Physics teacher Robert Steele retiring after eleven years at RAHS

Admired AP Physics teacher and Robotics Head Coach Robert Steele announced his partial retirement and that he won’t be returning as a teacher for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.   Though he won’t be teaching AP Physics, Steele [...]
Friday 17 Mar. will force boys into silence, much to everyone's enjoyment, as girls such as Junior Hannah Kaiser compete for shamrocks.

Spring brings seasonal games and events

Friday 17 Mar. marks St. Patrick’s day, from all-school games to showing spirit by wearing green. RAHS students and clubs are getting excited for the upcoming events. Similarly to the “hearts game” on Valentine’s day, RAHS’ tradition [...]
Homework Club administrator and Sophomore representative Nuka Nurzhanov, aids two students with Geometry work during lunch.

RAHS Homework Club benefits all

New to RAHS as of this year, Homework Club at lunch is getting students better connected, better GPAs, and even more community service hours.   Creator of Homework Club Debi Tranholt is excited about how the first semester of the club [...]
Sophomore Lilia Medhane, a returning volunteer for information nights greets 8th graders and their families.

RAHS staff bust common rumors about applications

Released on 3 Jan. 2017 and due on 31 Jan., the new Raisbeck Aviation High School application for the incoming class of 2021 is sparking a lot of excitement and buzz around the school. From info nights to tours and conferences, many questions [...]
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