Toshiki Kumakura, retired RAHS AP Japanese and Spanish teacher, left RAHS last year and has been making his mark in the Federal Way school system. Before he began substituting, Kumakura took some time off to help his son with his newborn baby. “I was in Spokane for more than four months [helping my son], and I came back and started subbing for high schools in Federal Way,” said Kumakura. Not only does Kumakura sub for the Federal Way school system he also works at a school similar to RAHS. “I actually started teaching Spanish at Technology Access Foundation School. It is like Aviation, it is a STEM school in Federal Way.” Even though Kumakura has been spending more time with[…]

Due to advances in aviation technology and the emphasis on aviation safety, 2017 has been the safest year for flight, with fewer commercial and private aircraft accidents than ever before. RAHS senior and Museum of Flight docent Joshua Carver believes that improving technologies contributed to aviation safety. “I think the hope is that with every year with new technologies coming out and becoming more refined the hope is that the direct result of that is airline and air traffic travel will become much safer as a result,” said Carver, “and I think what we are seeing is a direct result of that.”   Dan Hrehov, a substitute teacher and retired Boeing Flight Test Engineer concurs that the increase in safety[…]

RAHS Ultimate Frisbee team, Turbulence, is on the winning trail. In the boys season, they had a successful regular career and placed 3rd in the Puget Sound League, however their goals for the upcoming co-ed season are even more ambitious. RAHS senior Miles Bush believes that the season was successful even though the team did not get through the playoffs. “The boys season went well,” said Bush. “We got into the playoffs but despite not winning our playoff match the score was still a close game, and we had a good regular season.” Bush is adamant that the survivability of the RAHS team in the coming years is crucial. “Last year as well we made it to the playoffs, but[…]

Japanese and Spanish teacher Toshiki “Ken” Kumakura is moving on from RAHS after 12 years of service to students and staff. Eight years ago, before any AP language classes existed, Kumakura was the one to propose having RAHS to begin offering AP language classes.   Now that Kumakura is leaving, he wants all students to remember a simple saying from his classes.   “With tremendous effort, you can make it [Con mucho esfuerzo se puede alcanzar],” said Kumakura.   This is the message that he wants all of his students to take away from his classes when they graduate from RAHS, especially now that he himself is leaving. Many students have taken this lesson to heart, including junior Henry Crockett.[…]

Dr. James Raisbeck, who has been supporting Raisbeck Aviation High School for many years, is again showing his support by donating Howard Lovering’s book For Future Generations to every student and staff member at RAHS.   Dr. Raisbeck donated the set of books to better educate students on the history of the Museum of Flight. “The book For Future Generations is a definitive work on the history of the museum, along with the participants who made it possible and the history of their airplanes,” said Dr. Raisbeck. “Giving a copy to every student is a wonderful and enjoyable way to educate our students on the museum’s particulars.”    He also spoke on his connection to the author of the book,[…]

RAHS junior Jake Welty has started his own company, Aviation Northwest (ANW), which specializes in reporting on aviation news.   “Aviation Northwest started back in January 2015,” said Welty, “with a few revamps and restructuring of the company, I officially restarted ANW [after a few setbacks] back in January of 2017.”   Welty has always had a strong passion for aviation, and he wanted to be able to share that passion with others and get ahead in his aviation career.   “I’ve always been inspired by business and aviation as well as having a strong passion for aviation photography,” said Welty, “so I just put it all together.”   Welty hopes to expand his company by hiring more people and[…]

Each year brings a new class of student and parent drivers to RAHS. The school district has added speed bumps on Phoenix Drive to stifle speeding, and RAHS itself uses a system where a permit must be obtained to park in the RAHS parking lot.   Among other safety precautions, the “no right on red” sign when turning from Phoenix Drive to East Marginal Way stands out, often annoying teacher and student drivers. Senior Josh Husby, junior Tanvir Tatla, and RAHS math teacher Michael Gudor all have their own views on the “no right on red” sign.   “I think they put in the sign for the tow trucks that carry the cars [that share a turn with RAHS],” said[…]

As each year begins, seniors start to receive their letters of acceptance or rejection from the various colleges to which they have applied. For the teachers this is seeing off people they have known for four years, for parents it is like watching a bird leave the nest, and for students it’s saying goodbye to friends and bonds they have made over the past four years at RAHS.   Senior Melanie Warner has been confronting the reality of leaving RAHS, which comes with important educational decisions.   “Right now I still don’t know where I want to go to college,” said Warner, “what I am more considering is where I can get the best scholarships, or which school is best[…]

Late last year the aviation industry decided to put carbon emission restrictions on airliners, this restriction was courtesy of Arnold Franck, the director of air transport for Haiti. Haiti and a few other countries pushed for such a restriction because global warming and other environmental disasters could mean devastation for small countries.   Retired Boeing engineer Benjamin Drinkwater thinks that, while global warming and the effect aircraft have on the environment is very important, a restriction on carbon emissions may lack standing.   “My personal opinion is that global warming is slightly oversold,” said Drinkwater. “Since the beginning of time there have been changes in climate and even now [when] we are coming out of an ice age.”   Raisbeck[…]

The last couple of years the Raisbeck Aviation High School Ultimate Frisbee team has not made a big splash in the frisbee scene. In the 2015-16 season, the boy’s team for RAHS Ultimate Frisbee lost each game, but this year Turbulence has already broken their losing trend by using their new team line-up.   Despite last year’s boy’s team losing every game, senior Josh Husby believes it wasn’t because of the team’s overall skill level.   “It was our rebuilding year last year, we didn’t have any good seniors,” said Husby. “A building year is when you essentially lose all of your good players and the team has to fill the gaps with weaker players. These years are also years[…]