04272017 Headline:
Jake Welty, the CEO of Aviation Northwest, hopes to expand his company and its reputation.

RAHS junior starts reporting company, Aviation Northwest

RAHS junior Jake Welty has started his own company, Aviation Northwest (ANW), which specializes in reporting on aviation news.   “Aviation Northwest started back in January 2015,” said Welty, “with a few revamps and restructuring [...]
Culprit caught turning right on the no red.

RAHS community turns right on red

Each year brings a new class of student and parent drivers to RAHS. The school district has added speed bumps on Phoenix Drive to stifle speeding, and RAHS itself uses a system where a permit must be obtained to park in the RAHS parking lot.   Among [...]
Seniors after four years of bonding realize that they will soon be leaving each other behind to start their college careers

Seniors come to terms with impending goodbye

As each year begins, seniors start to receive their letters of acceptance or rejection from the various colleges to which they have applied. For the teachers this is seeing off people they have known for four years, for parents it is like watching [...]
Alaska Airlines takes off for a cleaner aviation industry.

Global aviation industry goes greener

Late last year the aviation industry decided to put carbon emission restrictions on airliners, this restriction was courtesy of Arnold Franck, the director of air transport for Haiti. Haiti and a few other countries pushed for such a restriction [...]
During the halftime break against Bellevue High School, Turbulence Frisbee team crafts their strategy that will lead them to a 13-5 victory.

RAHS Ultimate Frisbee breaks the losing streak

The last couple of years the Raisbeck Aviation High School Ultimate Frisbee team has not made a big splash in the frisbee scene. In the 2015-16 season, the boy’s team for RAHS Ultimate Frisbee lost each game, but this year Turbulence has [...]
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