06202018 Headline:

Skunkworks struggles leading to overcome difficulty

RAHS Skunkworks Robotics Team has had an eventful year; for the first time in its history they didn’t make the cut for a place in the World Championship, instead were allowed to compete solely due to their early placement on a waitlist.   Working [...]

RAHS community waves goodbye to Davolt

After four years as the Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Economics teacher at RAHS, Steven Davolt will be retiring at the end of the year amid many other changes at the school.   “I’ve been at Aviation High School for four years, [...]

RAHS seniors explore unique post-high school options

The vast majority of students who graduate RAHS make the choice to attend four year universities for their secondary education. However, several seniors each year instead seek opportunities off the beaten path, hoping to find a form of secondary [...]

Students create living history at the Museum of Flight

On 2 Feb. 2017, juniors taking Marice Wombold’s United States History class will be hosting an event at the Museum of Flight during its first open house night of the year.   The objective is to turn the long history of aviation in the [...]

SpaceXplosion rocks private space industry

While Space-X was conducting an engine test-fire in early September, an explosion obliterated one of their Falcon 9 rockets on the launchpad. The iconic commercial space organization and the private space industry as a whole are beginning to [...]

RAHS adds a significant figure to the math team

Whether she’s exchanging math problems with her boyfriend, checking out the Contra dance (an old but popular folk dance) scene in Seattle, or teaching Calculus at RAHS, Student Teacher JoAnn Welch has already proven herself to be an exciting [...]

A big change in the subtle world of art in an engineering school

The PTSA Reflections art program at RAHS is one of the few bastions of pure artistic expression hosted by a school with such a heavy focus on engineering and science. Despite the curriculum being most centered around other subjects, many students [...]

Face to Facebook

After the 20 Mar. 2016 RAHS Cultural Awareness Assembly, a debate over perceived racism sparked through a post on Facebook. This highlighted a bigger controversy about the role social media plays in spreading awareness of racism and other injustices. Members [...]

RAHS videogame community welcomes exciting new XCOM game

Video games are a cornerstone of student culture at RAHS, and the recent release of XCOM 2, the newest game in an extremely popular and long-spanning series, has many eager to experience the next chapter in the game’s rich story. Veteran [...]