Kizzie Fosters Art Skills

Kizzie foster holding up one of her favorite art pieces

AHS Senior Kizzie Foster seems like any other student, except for one thing, she has an amazing artistic ability that few people even know about.

Kizzie has been taking art class since the beginning of this school year, and since then she has excelled at creating artwork that amazes both her friends and teachers. She seems to have a particular knack for creating unique and interesting work.

Kizzie’s praise comes to her through the people in her life, whether she expects it or not.

“Most of my praise comes from my friends and family,” said AHS artist, Foster, “I just do art, it makes me happy. If it takes me somewhere, awesome! If it doesn’t, that’s fine with me.”

Kizzie takes inspiration from mainly her teacher, who pushes her to keep going and to keep making creative and inventive art pieces.

“Nothing in particular or specific inspires me,” said Foster, “you know how you want to make your work look good for the teacher? Mr. Shiroma really pushes me to get my artwork to look really good. He’s does a very good job at critiquing my work, even though he can sometimes be a little cruel. He is very constructive and helpful most of the time however.”

The art teacher, Mr. Shiroma is amazed by Kizzie’s work. Her creativity and quality keeps Shiroma excited for her next piece of work.

It sometimes seems difficult and challenging to find someone with artistic talent in this school, since most who come to this school are perusing careers in the aviation and engineering field, a career field that does not require artistic talent. However Kizzie has shown to be an amazing light in the void of open artistic creativity and high quality artistic work.

Student Films Invade AHS

Coming soon to a classroom near you, AHS’s film club will be hosting a film festival that will showcase different students short films and movies. This is a chance for students to show off their ability to create quality short movies, and an excuse for student who like making films to show off what they have made or to try their hand at making films.

The film festival will take place in the gym and admissions will need to be paid for, since the film club will be providing food and drink. This is also a fund raiser for film club so that they will be able to afford better equipment and editing programs to make their films look better. The price of admissions will be 5 dollars according to Alex Macmillan, a member of film club. The one coordinating this event is Kevin shilling, who is the head of AHS’s film club.

Alex Macmillan is a member of film club and plans to show off his film making and script writing skills by attempting to creating a comedic film.

Warning: Do not try this at home... Or at AHS

“I am submitting a comedy slash drama type film,” said Alex Macmillan, the film’s director, “It will start off comedic, but will hopefully take a more serious turn. But if not I will have it be funny all the way through.”

However, Macmillan is not alone in the production. He has the help of his friend Kris Hartelius, who is going to be an actor in the film while helping on some behind the scene things.

“I am actually the nerd that gets beat up throughout the film” say Hartelius, the star of the film, “I am also the co-director and co-writer for the film”

Kevin schilling and his film club will be submitting a number films to the festival. Some of the members will be submitting their own film. That means that no two members, besides Alex and Kris, will be working together on the same film. however, no other members are sharing what they plan to submit to the festival just yet.

The films will be judged by a small student jury that will pick out the best film of all. No word yet on if there will be an award for the winning film, and what that award might be.

Anyone can enter the festival with any film that they choose to submit, the film just can’t be vulgar. It should be a film you can show in class or in front of your grandparents, so go easy on the blood and guts.

Max rose, a student at AHS, is planning on submitting a documentary about his unique noise that seems to have followed him since he was seventh grade. The film will be directed by some of his friends, who do not attend AHS. Max, however, will be overseeing the final editing.

“It’s a documentary about my noise,” says Max Rose, the star of the documentary “The Noise” which is being submitted to the festival, “it kind of explains how I’m living with it and how if affects my life, for better or for worse. It’s not always fun living with a noise that comes out of your body at random times. There also be people that have been either affected by my noise or have ticks like it. They will get to voice their opinion on it and how their life is affected by a noise like mine.”

This isn’t the first Aviation high school Film festival that has happened. Last school year the school funded a student showcase of short films in the gym. This was film club’s first attempt at a film festival. It went off well, and the films received plenty of praise from the viewing audience. Emily Chunn’s film was received with much praise from the attendees of the festival and the student body.

The festival is a great opportunity for students to express themselves. Students can make a personal film, like Rose is doing, or they can make a great comedy like Macmillan. Either way, it’s a worthwhile opportunity that welcomes everyone and anyone to participate and enjoy themselves.

Rocking Seattle this December

A few of the events happening in Seattle this winter

Concerts and art shows are popular events to attend in the Seattle area around the holidays. Places such as the Paramount Theater, and Key Arena are holding concerts, and putting on plays. There are various types of events for all ages that you can fill up your winter break schedule with, such as concerts, ballet performances, and tree cutting.

The Key arena will be a popular place for concerts this holiday season. Guns N’ Roses will be performing on Friday, December 16th. The Deck the Hall Ball, hosted by the radio station 107.7 THE END, will be happening on December 7th. Big name bands like Mumford And Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, and Foster the People will be making appearances at this event. So far, this has been a Seattle specific event, mostly due to the fact that 107.7 is a Seattle based radio station, that and the station do not have the funds to go international. 

“I want to go because it’s going to be amazing,” said AHS senior Gavin Doiron, who is interested in attending Deck the Hall ball, “All of my favorite bands will playing there. It’s hopefully going to be great because there will be so much to do there.”

The Paramount Theater is also going to be hosting some concerts this December. Tori Amos, a pianist and songwriter, will be coming to the theater on Wednesday, December 14th. Joe Bonamassa, a blues singer, will be coming to the theater on Thursday, December 15th. Tony Bennett is another singer who will be coming to the theater on the 17th. Finally, on the 26th, Woody Allen, an actor and director who also happens to have a band called Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band, will be performing at the Paramount this December. Tickets for these events are selling fast.

The WaMu (Washington Mutual) will be featuring Selena Gomez on December 18th.

Don’t worry, there are some easy listening concerts that are happening in Seattle. Duke Ellington will be stopping in Seattle on his Sacred Music Tour, a tour based around both swing and big band jazz, at Town Hall Seattle on the 26th.

If music isn’t your cup of cocoa, there are some more seasonal happenings you can see with friends and family this holiday season.

A popular Seattle event that is going on this holiday season is the ballet The Nutcracker. It will be performed by the Pacific Northwest ballet troupe, in McCaw Hall in downtown Seattle. The ballet will be performed from November 26th to December 26th. Tickets are ranging from 20 dollars to over 120. Dress formally for this event, its a holiday tradition.

“I heard its really interesting and very decorative,” Says Rashil Kohli, an AHS senior that wants to attend the ballet this year, “I just want to see for my eyes what it is about, because I have never been before, and it seems really interesting.”

Winterfest, a popular event that features a multitude of holiday traditions will be occurring at the Seattle Center this Holiday season until January first. There will be tons of things to do. Activities such as a winter train ride for kids and parents, an indoor Ice skating for those who are interested, an ice sculpting competition, and a multitude of local Seattle bands that will be performing live. This should be on every ones list of things to do with the family this winter break.

The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium will be featuring an animal themed light show called Zoo-lights this year. This event is a walk around the zoo as lights depict comedic and holiday themed scenes around the zoo. It takes place at five to nine at night and has already started letting people walk the zoo, and will continue though the new year. Tickets are currently 15 dollars, so take your family on a tour of the light show.

For those that want to get their Christmas trees the old fashioned way, the state of Washington is issuing permits to cut down trees from the national forest of Mount Baker or Snoqualmie. At this point, with a regular permit, you can only cut down a tree that is 12 feet or less. For trees that are taller than 12 feet, a special permit will be needed. These special permits cost more money. For those worried that this will get out of hand, this is a Seattle tradition that is well regulated. Tree cutting will not end up leaving the national forest bare. Right now it is 10 dollars for a mt. Baker tree.

Gaming on the Go

Mobile gaming is on the rise, there is no doubt about that. Companies like Halfbrick, Pop Cap, and Infinity Ward have been so successful on mobile devices, like iPhone and Android, that they have decided to take their games and recreate them for consoles, like Xbox and PS3.

One of the newer game companies to expand is Halfbrick, has have taken their iPhone success Fruit Ninja and recreated it for the Xbox Kinect. There have been subtle improvements to the graphics and the way it’s played, but the overall game-play has been unaffected. Players still slice fruit to get points, and attempt to beat your friends’ scores, only now you use our entire body instead of just your fingers.

“I prefer the Kinect version because it is has more to do,” says Aviation High School gamer Max Rose, who has played both versions of the game, “In Fruit Ninja for the phone your hand blocked the screen when you’re trying to play, so that is a downside to it. On Kinect, you get a lot more freedom of movement and they [the Xbox] have a shadow in the background so it is easier to see where you are cutting. Overall I like it a lot better than the mobile version.”

One game that made it big on the iPhone and is now on the Android OS (operating system) is Plants vs Zombies. After its PC and Mac release it was made for mobile devices and then later released onto consoles due to its success. Game play has stayed similar throughout the game, without any significant changes. Players still fight off waves of zombies using plants of various types that have different abilities. The only big difference between renditions is the controls. With iPhone and Android players use their fingers, on the console they use the controller to select what they want to do, and on computer they use a point-and-click method.

The Nintendo DS is considered a mobile gaming platform, but many gamers don’t enjoy carrying it around because of its weight. This is one of the many reasons that console games haven’t made a DS rendition. Also, many of the games on the DS require use of the touch screen, and unlike the iPhone, the DS touch screen is separated from the other controls. The touch screen isn’t easy to access on the device, unlike mainly touch screen based devices.

The PSP (PlayStation portable) is another mobile gaming platform that is liked among gamers, but like the DS, it is slightly clunky and hard to take with you. It’s wider than the DS, and the analogue stick sticks out and makes it a tough fit within your pocket.

Big console games have done the opposite, making a mobile counterpart. One game that hit it big on consoles was Dead Space, a survival horror game whose game play closely mimicked that of the fourth Resident Evil game. The publisher, EA, decided that it would be an interesting venture to create a version of the game play for iPhone. The plot of the game is a spin off of the console game’s plot however, so the game provides something new for fans of the series.

“I feel that if done properly, an iOS game can be even more immersive than something you play on console or PC,” said the game’s producer Nikhil Dighe to, “This comes from the advantages of a touchscreen held only inches from your face, but since you’re playing on a touchscreen, you are almost directly interacting with the game environment. So if a Necromorph [enemies in the game] grabs you, you have to swipe and tap on it in order to save yourself. This can be a lot more intense than watching events unfold on a big screen while pressing buttons on the controller in your hand.”

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