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College Board Confidential

Welcome to College Board Monopoly, the fast paced college admissions game where players compete to accumulate as many application properties as possible. Along the way the players take chances on SAT Subject tests, score rushing, and difficult [...]

Put the brakes on distracted driving

  One one-thousand. You look away from the road to check your texts. Two one-thousand. The car in front of you is turning right, and you have no idea. Three one-thousand. You start to slam on the brakes. Four one-thousand. It’s already [...]

Marching off to May

After two years of easing into Aviation’s classes, many of this year’s juniors will begin taking AP classes for the first time. AP classes are a new experience for these students, as they study for one big test during May for each class. [...]

Some Things Never Change

Sponsored by Initech Griping about the dress code and outdated technology at Blade Runner Industries™ Aviation High School may seem current issues, but BRI™-AHS students bemoaned these issues long before today’s students learned to fly [...]

Climbing to New Heights

Vertical World, a climbing gym chain, opened its newest location in Seattle on December 20th, revealing taller climbing walls and three times the bouldering space. Dubbed “Vertical World Seattle 4.0,” the new gym features 50 ft lead climbing [...]

Saving Your Semester

While some students can pat themselves on the back for a job well done after quarter grades were sent home, others still have a great deal of work to do before semester grades are finalized in January. Whether students are hoping to earn a [...]

AP Science Cancellation Causes Confusion

A student from the class of 2012 works his way through junior year chemistry, so he can take AP Chemistry his senior year. He could have gone the physics route, but chose chemistry for the challenge it’s known for, and as an impressive addition [...]