04202019 Headline:

Senior’s Parting Words; Get Muddy Get Crazy Get Going

“Don’t sweat the little stuff” – Jordyn Mcluen “First day of training, running through a bog to practice running with wet shoes!” – Phoenix Fire Click Here to see the Twitter Features page PDF. Share [...]

Filling out the calendar

Sponsored by the all-new Huge Mac: Now Even Huger! The BRI -AHS™ calendar has been a little light these last few months, so the McDonald’s ™ASB and the PTSA are putting together a few events that ought to draw attention from throughout [...]

Apple Takes Step Towards Education

Most apps released are designed to entertain and enjoy, but the new iBooks app released by Apple not long ago is a step into the world of education. Although there are apps used to assist in both teaching and learning, the iBooks app takes the [...]

Pricing Regulation Troubles

A new regulation passed by the Federal Aviation Administration forces all airlines to be more upfront about what a ticket will actually cost. People that fly regularly are used to the ticket buying process of looking through prices, picking [...]

Jet Pack Market Gains Interest

Jet packs have been dreamed of since before the birth of flight, and up until now have been completely impractical. With the revolutionary flight of the Martin Jet pack, the idea of personal jet pack flight is becoming a reality. “This successful [...]

Falling Up

Want the thrill of skydiving without the jump? Here’s the chance! You may have noticed in the past few months driving on I-405 the large red and black building protruding from the Tukwila landscape.  In highly visible, white, inviting letters [...]

Obama Visit Causes Air Problems

Sunday September 25 President Obama came to Seattle to talk about his new spending bill at a fundraiser event, and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) were imposed for the safety of the President. The interruption meant a great deal for small [...]