05262020 Headline:

On Your Mark, Get Set, Stress

Aviation High School seniors are done with their college applications and waiting to get an acceptance letter back. The more the seniors wait, the more they stress about whether they got into a college or not. When applying to Aviation High [...]

Spending Spring Break in Japan

During this spring break, eight to nine people from Mr. Kumakura’s Japanese class will get the opportunity to go to Japan, and experience the Japanese culture first hand. The whole Japanese class is invited to go, but Mr. Kumakura only [...]

Spamming for Charity

The 2011 Project for Awesome is running on December 17 and 18. Project for Awesome is an event that helps raise money for several charities by earning money from ads on videos from YouTube. This year, it will all start on the 17th of December [...]

Dancing Towards the Future

It has been four years now since the Aviator’s Ball started, and it has been getting better every year. The Associated Student Body (ASB) started planning this year’s Aviator’s Ball before school even started, back in late August. The [...]

AHS Goes Greener

Presentations, guest speakers, conserving energy, and more recycling: efforts are underway, but Aviation High School still has a long road to travel before reaching level 2 of the King County Green School Program. Waste reduction, recycling, [...]