10182018 Headline:

Proposed levy promises support for school programs

The brand new proposed levy for Highline voters will be decided upon on 13 Feb. 2018. This new levy will be replacing one destined to expire at the end of 2018 and will also pay for more specific necessities that the District requires to function [...]

RAHS students push the limits

Raisbeck Aviation High School is built for those who want to achieve a higher education in the STEM field. It helps to push determined students to their limits while preparing them for the future. Challenging course schedules are available [...]

Spanish teacher takes on graduate school

In the 2017-18 school year, RAHS is lending their more experienced Spanish teacher to graduate school as William Peterson begins taking courses to become a certified administrator. Being a teacher requires a lot of time, but balancing that [...]

737 MAX-9 expected to be best in family

The Boeing Company has recently released the newest of the 737 family, the 737 MAX-9. This new aircraft is the product of years of work to produce the best single-aisle aircraft on the market. The 737 MAX program, initially launched on August [...]

RAHS boys struggle to be attractive to women

Black History Month at RAHS celebrated

  The Highline School District encourages high schools around the district to celebrate, commemorate, and work Black History Month (BHM) into their curriculum for the month of February. Every year, RAHS puts on an assembly to encourage [...]

RAHS visits Highline District middle schools

Middle schools from the Highline School District have become feeding schools for Raisbeck Aviation High School through the efforts of teachers, students, and administrative staff.   The Recruitment Committee at Raisbeck Aviation High [...]

RAHS welcomes University of Washington courses

Raisbeck Aviation High School has recently added University of Washington in the High Schools college courses into its curriculum. Beginning this year, juniors and seniors can take courses for college credits and get a taste of what it takes [...]