05242019 Headline:

New math teacher solves schedule problems

A new math teaching position has been filled by Edward Tompson for the 2018-19 school year. He will be taking over both Algebra I and II classes. Tompson currently works at Highline High School. Being a proud part of the Highline School District [...]

Sophomores scramble to meet tight ECP deadlines

The annual Environmental Challenge Project (ECP) kicked off 17 April. However, this year’s timeline is different as there is one less week for students to prepare before presenting to the Port of Seattle airport director and their committee. [...]

Ross and Bergin commence a new way for students to learn instruments

RAHS sophomores Wren Bergin and Davie Anne Ross are in the process of setting up a music lessons program at Highline High School. The two offer instrument lessons ranging from novice to advanced in expertise based on the student’s instrument [...]