As the juniors start to scout out colleges and seniors start receiving their acceptance letters, sexual assault on campus needs to be a topic of discussion. According to the Washington Post, in the last four years, one in five women has been a victim of sexual assault in college. Additionally, when prospective students go to research or inquire about the sexual assault statistics, they might not receive much information. When colleges were contacted about sexual assaults during the making of the documentary, the Hunting Ground, approximately 35 out of 37 colleges did not respond. Senior Alana Willms believes sexual assault is something to be cautious about everywhere, especially around a dangerous area or a university which has a reputation for[…]

Last year, Highline Public Schools (HPS) made changes to their language curriculum that affected all of the schools that reside in the District. In turn, this compelled RAHS to cut Japanese out of the school, add in Spanish 3, and allow freshmen to take four years of Spanish. Spanish instructor William Peterson recalls that Japanese had been a long-standing and integral part of the RAHS language department. “The Japanese program had been here for over ten years,” said Peterson. “That’s most of the time the school has been here.” In addition to the ending of Japanese, the second change is the District’s new requirement to have 4 years of Spanish available to students, resulting in the new Spanish 3 course[…]

The Museum of Flight (MoF) opened up its new safety exhibit dedicated to the late J. Kenneth Higgins, a Boeing Vice-President of Flight Operations in the context of testing and validation, on 13 Oct. The display was a result of a collaboration between the MoF staff and Higgins’ widow, Sandy Higgins. Mrs. Higgins first got the idea for the exhibit after looking through some of Mr. Higgins’ work after he passed away. She wanted to be able to honor her husband while simultaneously supporting the MoF. “Twenty years ago, when we first saw an attorney for estate planning, Ken identified a few charities he wanted to support [and] the Museum of Flight was first on his list,” said Mrs. Higgins.[…]