12072019 Headline:

Kelly’s resignation shocks students

A bombshell was dropped as Mr. Kelly broke the news that he is resigning as principal of RAHS at the end of the school year. While speculation has surrounded the reasons behind Mr. Kelly’s resignation, they’re exactly as stated in his [...]

Compliment wall creates controversy

  Following the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Mrs. Fitz’s Leadership class posted the compliment wall in front of Mr. McComb’s room. The compliment wall is a place for anonymous members of the community to come together and compliment [...]

The Washington Aerospace Scholars blast off again

Following the 6 Nov. 2015 application deadline, the brave juniors of RAHS are preparing for Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS), a five-month course focused on aerospace engineering. For those looking for a way to expand their horizons, Katie [...]

Marching to the beat of their own drum

Encouraged by their love of music, the musicians of RAHS plan on forming a pep band for the coming school year. The goal of this new Thursday club is to raise spirit in the school and give the student body a chance to show off their artistic [...]