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Live Blog: 2014 Sophomore Environmental Challenge

DAY ONE: The Kickoff Port of Seattle environmental programs manager Steve Rybolt introduces this year’s problem: reducing the Port’s waste stream by 50% in order to meet the Millennium Goal of becoming The cleanest, greenest airport [...]

Live Blog: 2014 We Day Intro Assembly

Vincent Pierce February 12th, 8:29 am, and the starts of a very busy morning the ASB as they host an introduction to We Day, at Raisbeck Aviation High School. The assembly will consist of school spirit, guest speakers, and other surprises along [...]

Legendary ladies

It is well known that girls are a minority at Raisbeck Aviation High School. However, this hasn’t stopped female alumni from doing awesome things! The Phoenix Flyer tracked down some of the women who have graduated from AHS, who are now excelling [...]

AHS Renton Film Fest (Jes Mannard)

Sunday Oct. 6, 1:00 PM “It was stop and go fun.” Said Alexis. “It was funny when we went to go buy snacks and when we had to re-do a take. We couldn’t laugh and it was hard. We are so excited for the film to be done! [...]

Have a great summer!

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The Hangar Games – 2013

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Live blog: sophomore environmental challenge project

YEAR SIX, DAY ONE: THE KICKOFF Steve Rybolt and Marco Milanese get this year’s project started off right. The problem: how to safely and efficiently add sufficient emergency power generation to the SeaTac facility in preparation for potential [...]

Live Blog: Spirit Week!

It’s the start of spirit week at AHS, leading up to our big spring fling this weekend, and students are definitely getting into the swing of things. Today is animal day, and already in first period, the cats are coming out. Sophomores [...]

Fun and Games in Flight Training

When Boeing needs pilots to test out their new training programs, who do they turn to? The aspiring student pilots at Aviation High School, of course. Students had the chance to “pilot” new training programs for flight management [...]

Oh The Places They’ll Go!

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