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Volume 6 Issue 5

  What should I do if someone keeps taking my parking space in the morning? I have a space that I’ve always parked at, and every time I get to school after 8:00, someone else takes it. It really puts a downer on the beginning of my day. [...]

Passions ignite over FTC

At Raisbeck Aviation High School, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), a completely separate competition from FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), is used as the junior varsity team for the more prestigious FRC team. FTC was originally created by FIRST [...]

Volume 6 Issue 5

Guest Writers: Jes Mannard and Chris Hendrickson Great news for all you insatiable complainers and squeaky wheels out there – the Phoenix Flyer is proud to unveil our newest column, Snark Attack! Every issue, our persnickety roving ombudsman [...]

Greenspace for change of pace

With RAHS surrounded by planes and concrete in every direction, it may seem like there are no green spaces for the nature-deprived student. But fear not! From frisbee fields to small corner parks, the area is teeming with green space just down [...]

Ground Control

So I have a feeling I’m not going to get asked to tolo this year but all my friends are. How do I still have fun on the 31st without having a counterpart in a dynamic duo? -Deserted Dude This is kind of a tough situation you’re in right [...]

New 3D printer jumps onto the RAHS radar

On the first of Dec. 2014 the PACCAR Foundation granted RAHS $147,000 for the purchase of a Fortus 400mc 3D printer, which is larger and more capable than either of the two the school currently has. This new printer boasts the ability to use [...]

Delta-V Spacefest blasts off for the first time

Multiple aerospace companies from around the world showcased their efforts in the three-day event that took place on Nov. 20 to the 22 at The Museum of Flight. During this event, many organizations, including SpaceX and Planetary Resources [...]

An open letter to RAHS students, from your cars

Dear RAHS Students, Thanks bruh. We’ve had some real good times in our days. I remember the day your parents and you strolled onto the lot of used cars back when you turned sixteen. You were so young then. Your pubescent scar-covered face [...]

Reba Gilman moves to the MoF, but keeps her roots at RAHS

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Founder’s Farewell

RAHS founder Reba Gilman Sept. 3, 2014, marks the first student day of the 2014-15 school year and the debut of Bruce Kelly as the new sheriff in town. Reba Gilman will be moving across the street and working hard to launch a new initiative [...]

Jazzing up for prom

By Sean Wong As May 17 gets closer and closer, RAHS juniors and seniors get ready for their final dance of the year: prom. It will be held on May 17 at the ACT Theater from 9pm to midnight. Tickets will be available from Ms. Sorenson for $50 [...]