04242019 Headline:

The Phoenix 5 Ways to Volunteer this Summer

Have you always wanted to attend some of the coolest summer events in Seattle, but can’t because the ticket is way out of your price range?  Now is your chance to attend for free—just volunteer. Not only do you get to experience the event, [...]

What To Do With Nothing

When students finish work early and need something to fill their time what should they do? There are many options for students who need to fill their time, some fun and some more serious. After a test some students don’t know what they should [...]

Greenix Five

    The sun is shining, the air is fresh and crisp, and you’re inside staring at a newspaper. True, going to school during the week keeps you indoors, and living in the Pacific Northwest means that the weather is often a tad damper [...]

Rise up and Rally for Robo-Rights

Sponsored by Idoru Robotic Solutions Does a robot not feel? Insult them, and they activate an emotion-sequence and cry. Wrong them and their coding instructs them to seek retribution. Cut through their metal exterior, and they spew sparks and [...]

Robots Are People, Too!

Robots have been fighting for equality since the first AI powered up over 80 years ago. They’ve had to face indifference, discrimination, and rampant robophobia. Here at BRI-AHS, let’s be forward thinkers, and start pushing for equal rights [...]

Redefining the Box

Even if you aren’t keen on Aviation High School’s constant theme of aviation, either find a way to like it, or find a way to live with it, because AHS has never claimed to be anything other than a STEM school that is all about aviation. It’s [...]

Spring Into Action

Longer days, more sunlight, and the home stretch of the school year almost upon us – what better time than now to wrap up the loose ends of your community service hours… And do a little good while you’re at it? This issue, the [...]

$enior-mida$ Touch

Senior year: everyone expects it to be fun, exciting, even carefree, but what they don’t expect is the Senior sized bill that comes with it. With college applications, graduation, the grad night party, and even more expenses that expand beyond [...]

Leading the World Today

While Martin Luther King Jr. is unarguably remembered as one of the most influential leaders in American history, he’s not the only person to make waves, and today there are plenty of activists like him who deserve the same recognition. This [...]

Stand Up

AHS needs more student voice and advocacy – the ASB can and should take on some of this important work, but the rest is up to you. Currently, AHS’s student government focuses primarily on social events. The ASB only serves in a social [...]

Running your Phoenix Five (K)

This issue, the Phoenix Five challenges you to complete the Seattle 12K’s of Christmas (and 5K Run/Walk) Holiday Run. The run starts at Kirkland’s Marina Park, on Sunday, December 18, 2011. This run benefits foster children,  most of whom [...]