09262018 Headline:

Spirit Week brings peak in dress codes violations

Usually Spirit Week involves dressing up in different themes for each day, but in the week before Spring Fling students were dressing for the weather, regardless of the day’s theme. This resulted in twenty-two detentions. During Spirit Week [...]

A Go bot and a racist bot walk into a bar

While humanoid androids aren’t commonplace in 2016, as it has been predicted in classic science fiction, artificial intelligence has had major milestones and controversies in the first four months of this year. One of the major milestones [...]

Controversial election season does not compel RAHS seniors to vote

  There are a few milestones that are associated with high school, such as getting a license, applying to colleges, and meeting an expectation that 80% of Americans achieve (graduating). In the upcoming months some RAHS students will be [...]

¡Si se puede, profesores!

William Peterson’s Spanish class is famous (or infamous, depending on who one talks to) for being entirely in Spanish. Now, the class that is normally for high school students is being taught to adults. The Highline School District has a [...]

To block or not to block

As with many public institutions, Raisbeck Aviation High School is heavily pressured to filter certain websites, such as those which are deemed harmful towards minors. However, the filtering program has disserviced some students in the past. [...]

Dr. PAXlove

It all starts after the last year’s PAX Prime ends. You think “Wow, that was pretty fun, I should do it again next year,” and then you go on for the rest of the year, probably not thinking about PAX until sometime around Spring Break. [...]

Cold War Test Aircraft Restored

The Museum of Flight revealed a newly restored XF8U-1 Crusader that was subjected to a 30-year restoration effort that is nearing its completion. The prototype for the aircraft that would be dubbed by the military and enthusiasts “The [...]

Tribe members fill in mysterious circles after reading holy book

In the late winter of the tribe members’ third session of education and in the fall season of their fourth (and hopefully final) session, they take part in an initiation period that is very secretive, and is assessed in a holy book. The ritual [...]

Soaring Expo 2015 to be held at Museum of Flight

  The Soaring Expo 2015 will include insights and artifacts of the gliding community in the Northwest on Saturday, March 14. The gliding community in Washington is mainly represented by its larger organizations, such as Evergreen Soaring and [...]

The Socratic Dialogue of the Age-Old OS Debate

Cast: Stevius Jobs William the Gatekeeper Linusis Torvaldis Chorus ENTER Stevius Jobs, William the Gatekeeper, and Chorus Inside the basement of one of their parent’s houses, the smell of stale Doritos and old Mountain Dew fill the air. William [...]

Third Dreamliner becomes first to be given to a museum

The Museum of Flight was given the honor to be the first museum with a 787 as part of their collection. A 787 by the name “Number 3”  landed at Boeing Field for the last time on November 8. This particular 787, with the call number ZA003, [...]
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