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Nikes shoes are almost exact copies of the Back to the Future self tying shoes
Nikes shoes are almost exact copies of the Back to the Future self tying shoes

Pop culture is very prominent in making predictions about technology in the ways of books, movies, TV, etc. the turn of the millennium made predictions about the future that has now come and gone. Some could be dead wrong while others can be close, or even the real thing.


Back to the Future raised hopes for flying cars, hoverboards, and self-tying shoelaces. Tremain Holloway, RAHS Vice Principal, enjoys the movie and all its predictions for the future.


“I really want the Marty McFlyer shoes from the movie,” said Holloway. ”In terms of technology, the movie talks about the little hoverboards and now we have the hoverboards that we can ride on.”


Holloway really likes how the computers are advancing and is especially proud at how RAHS incorporates technology.


“Computers are everywhere,” said Holloway. “Just thinking about how our school has this advancement where everyone has a laptop is phenomenal.”


Both teachers and students at RAHS are enjoying the changes in technology and they also have hopes for the future. Scott McComb, RAHS Science Olympiad advisor and science instructor, sees the appeal of futuristic technology as well.


“Teleportation would be awesome,” said McComb. “I’m going to have dinner in Hawaii and go to many places in one day, so instead of paying millions and millions of dollars on plane tickets just to go to places I can go for just a little bit at a time.”


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“Making something that acts like a muscle, like in a lab would be useful” said (LAST NAME) “being able to control a computer with your mind would also be cool”


Many of RAHS students have high hopes for the future, whether it’s creating cells, organs, and tissue with a machine to save someone’s life or traveling all over the world in a single day without breaking the bank.


Much of the technology they have today is being made to help people. Josiah Talobit speaks of a drone that delivers food to people in need who cannot travel or get it themselves, but there are also drones being made to deliver pizza and other things,


“They contain medicine and food for the people in need” said Talobit “they are dropped out of a big carrier and flown to the people in need.


The future is near! So many people have put their minds together to create so many futuristic things.


“The time and effort put into these things is amazing,” said Holloway. “Things at the start may be expensive but as we go it will get cheaper for everyone to use”
Everything except the flying car time machine to get back to the future. Many students and staff are leading the way with the dreams of new innovations they’d like to achieve.

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