Tech TA’s

Tech TA’s are very hard working students from different grades trying their best to pursue their education and help Tech Director Anthony McLaughlin aid the students around the school with their technical problems.


Becoming a Tech TA is competitive because McLaughlin can only have a certain amount of given TA’s per class and per semester.


“I usually have one to four TA’s per given semester,” said McLaughlin, “no more than two TA’s a class period.”


McLaughlin shares his insight with his TA’s and gives them many opportunities to grow in the technical field.


“I get to share what I do on a daily basis with them,” said McLaughlin, “and I give them the opportunity to be exposed to what happens to their technology.”


Victoria Mcsmith and Jillian Mellinger are McLaughlin’s first period TA’s and they do a lot of work with him and as well as have fun with McLaughlin.


“As a TA for Mr. McLaughlin, I’ve done a lot of software uploads at the beginning of the year: Julian and I helped Mr.McLaughlin upload X-Plane and Stellarium to all the freshmen’s laptops in Mr. McComb’s class,” said Mcsmith, “and recently we put Logger Pro on all the [Chemistry students’] laptops.”  


McLaughlin loves spending time with his TA’s as he is able to act as a mentor and offer advice to them when needed.


“On a more personal level, I get the blessing of being able to spend time with the students,” said McLaughlin, “which I think is the best part.”


TA’s are very important around the school: they help speed up the process McLaughlin has to go through while fixing students laptops.


“Being able to deliver notes of when laptops are ready to be picked up,” said McLaughlin, “and [other tasks] that normally I would do, they could assist with.”


His TA’s can tell him what is wrong with a printer or computer and can sometimes even work out the issue themselves.


“They intuitively know about printers and printing and I can send them to the class to sort of investigate if there is problem with a printer or a classroom,” said McLaughlin, “and they tell me what’s going on and what [a situation] needs.”


Most of the time students that need repairs do not specifically need McLaughlin’s help so the TA’s work on those problems around the school.


“A lot of the students come in for to Mr. McLaughlin are really easy fixes that don’t really need his attention at all,” said Mellinger, “so a lot of times we just take care of those children.”


Being McLaughlin’s TA helped Mcsmith with her own personal tech issues and she can use what she learned about computers in the future.


“I’ve learned how to do the software and hardware and it is really useful because now I know more about how the school computers work,” said Mcsmith, “so if i’m ever having issues I can usually fix it myself.”


McLaughlin does not pick any TA specifically; but he’s looking for someone who is ready to expand their knowledge about Technology.


“What I look for in a TA is someone that is willing to learn, someone who is responsible, a student that is a junior or above,” said McLaughlin, “and someone who is willing to serve other students.”


Champagne Ryder is a senior at RAHS and also a sixth period Tech TA. Ryder learns a lot from working with McLaughlin and enjoys conversing with him as well.
“The [most fun] part is actually being able to learn how to repair simple computer issues some of the more complicated stuff like actually taking parts out of a computer and how to screw back in hard drives,” said Ryder, “and also just having back and forth conversation.”

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