Midspread Answer Key

  1. Sports (of the mind)
    1. What is the founding year of robotics team? (2006-2007)
    2. What is the founding year of frisbee team? ( 2012)
    3. Who coaches the Sci-Oly study groups? (Mr. Mannion)
    4. Number of Sci-Oly events? (24)
    5. Number of speech and debate events? (14)
    6. How many coaches has the Ultimate team had? (2)
  2. Teachers & Staff
    1. How many founding teachers at AHS in its first year? (4)
    2. Biology is “more of a conceptual science, it’s not always ____ and ______” (Black and White)
    3. What was the first location of AHS? (south seattle community college duwamish campus)
    4. How does Mannion bring sarcastic energy into the room? (Riddles)
    5. What teacher used to own a travel agency? (Ms. Olsen)
    6. Who was the principal before Mrs. Tipton? (Mr. Kelly)
    7. Who was the principal before Mr. Kelly? (Mrs. Gilman)
    8. What 2 staff members at RAHS now have been with the school since it opened?
    9. Mrs. Juarez used to do what with a team from the Special Olympics? (Coach them)
  3. Storyboards (maybe call this “community?”)
    1. What kind of guy is David Storch? (An ordinary one)
    2. Who said “I will prepare and someday my chance will come?” HINT: wore a tall top hat     (third floor) abraham lincoln
    3. Who’s the only astronaut on the RAHS founding board of directors? (bonnie j dunbar)
    4. What are the four propulsion systems? HINT: second floor (fan, compressor, combustor, turbine, second floor)
    5. When was Seatac originally built?? (1944)
    6. “Who said we should avoid the statement that ‘it can’t be done?” (W. E. Boeing)
    7. What is the greatest professional joy? HINT: first floor (where your work, your passion, and your livelihood coincide. Hint:first floor)
    8. Finish the quote: “Pay it Back, _____________.” HINT: said by Dr. Raisbeck (pay it forward, hint: first floor and said by Mr. raisbeck)
    9. Finish the phrase: Know the ______ to win HINT: first floor  (game, hint 1st floor)
    10. Finish the phrase: Don’t be afraid to _____ _______ HINT: third floor (dream big, HINT: third floor)
  4. Random Knowledge
    1. How many students were in the 1st AHS graduating class? (1)
    2. When was the square root of 144 flag put up? (2014)
    3. How many story boards on the third floor reference alaska airlines? (3)
    4. Which graduating class initially donated the spirit rock? (2013-2014)
    5. What was the name and the year the first person go the rolls royce award? HINT: check in the lobby (Griffin Nicoll 2009)
    6. What is the color of the aircraft hanging from the ceiling of RAHS? (red)
    7. Which floor do the teachers live on? (fourth)
    8. What date was the new location of RAHS opened? 17 October 2013
    9. Don’t forget to be _______ (awesome)
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