2017 Summer Dare

summerdare(edited)All right RAHS students, it’s almost time for summer, and you know what that means! Staying at home, closing the curtains, and sitting on your laptop for three months straight. Okay, maybe a few of you actually have fun plans. But for the rest of you, who are already stocking up on Doritos, the Phoenix Flyer is here to give you incentive to get out the front door!


We’ve compiled a list of the best, most fun, enjoyable, happy-time-causing, good-memory-making, hallmark-movie-feeling, Instagram-worthy, big impact, summertastic things to do this break, and the goal is to complete as many as you can. Some dares are worth 1 point, and some are worth 2. The student who gets the most points will receive a 10-person pizza party when they return to school, and a feature about their summer adventure in the Phoenix Flyer!


To get points for completing dares, you must have evidence: either video or photographic. One dare per photo please! This can be submitted to the Phoenix Flyer (room 3530) in a printed scrapbook, a google folder shared with ahsphoenixflyer@gmail.com, or on a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account dedicated to the dare. Label which dare it is and how many points it’s worth. No photoshop! Submit by (date) for credit. Good luck, and HAGS!


1 Point:

  • Somersault all the way down a hill
  • Get a new hairstyle *
  • Recreate a scene from your favorite movie
  • Take a splash in the Seattle Center fountain
  • Ride the Seattle Center monorail
  • Make friends with a stranger’s dog
  • Attend an outdoor concert, play or movie
  • Invent a secret handshake
  • Hang upside-down at a playground
  • Sample the cuisine of a new culture
  • Climb a tree
  • Watch the sunset on a beach
  • Hug a creepy Museum of Flight mannequin
  • Eat a piece of fruit straight from the tree (or bush, whatever)
  • Bake a commemorative cake
  • Draw a sidewalk chalk mural
  • Make a dandelion flower crown
  • Explore a tide pool


2 Points:

  • Recreate the scene from Top Gun where Goose dies (has to be in the water)
  • Take a selfie with at least three of the Museum of Flight’s  “Astronauts on the Town”
  • Add an original gum sculpture to the Pike Place gum wall
  • Play house in an Ikea kitchen
  • Stage your future wedding proposal, wedding, or funeral
  • Ride something other than a skateboard or bike at a skatepark
  • Play dress-up at a thrift store
  • Learn a sweet new martial arts move
  • Stage a mime show in public
  • Organize or attend a flash mob
  • Dance to a street musician’s performance
  • Learn a circus craft (unicycle, trapeze, juggling, etc.)
  • Give someone a makeover
  • Make S’mores on a real campfire
  • Make a boat out of found materials and sail it (see directions in Issue 10 of the Phoenix Flyer)


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