Seniors have pulled it off

In previous years, seniors have done skip days and pranks, but never before have they been as good as this year.

For the skip day, teacher Scott McComb and senior Carlos Navarro originated the idea to volunteer and help others by having the seniors volunteer at Northwest Harvest before enjoying a day off.

“So basically the idea came from a conversation with Mr. McComb about how when we do a senior skip day to go have a barbeque at the beach, you can do that before or after school,” said senior Navarro, “why don’t we try and improve someone else’s live by donating part of our time.”

There were some students who were skeptical about partaking in the skip day due to the makeup day required by the school district.

“I really wanted to do the skip day, and I thought it was a really good idea, especially the volunteering aspect, the only reason I was skeptical was because of my parents, because it was hard to get them on board,” said senior Sahara Slate, “but after I talked to them about volunteering it seemed like it was okay so I was never against it.”

The senior prank this year was a crazy one with a lasting impression, consisting of parking three cars inside the main lobby and nearly two dozen more on the sidewalk in the front of the school. Despite having to move the cars in the lobby due to gas fumes, the prank was still victorious.

“The initial plan was to leave the three cars inside the lobby generally being in the way,” said senior Eben Schumann, “but hey, anything is better than what the seniors did last year.”

Just like every year, the seniors did a senior barbeque at school, and this year’s was very successful. By providing food for all to enjoy along with honoring those not only recognized, it was a pleasant way for the seniors to appreciate one another and enjoy one of their final days together.

“I thought it went really well, I mean everyone that attended got recognized in some way, shape, or form,” said senior Jaclyn Wing, “and with the Humble Awards and the adjectives for each person, and the fact that everyone got to take home a certificate with all of that, it was really cool to me. It was not something I have seen any other senior class do.”

This year’s seniors have stepped it up and worked together like a family and even though they may not always show their enthusiasm or actually try to succeed in spirit competitions, when they unite, they prove themselves to be an unstoppable force.

“Based on what I’ve noticed this year, we don’t normally participate in school events or show school spirit,” said senior Navath Nhan, “but deep down we are willing to participate no matter what the entire class is up to. That’s what is going to stick with me after high school.”

The bar has been set by the class of 2015, and it is up to next year’s seniors to keep up.

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