Running your Phoenix Five (K)

This issue, the Phoenix Five challenges you to complete the Seattle 12K’s of Christmas (and 5K Run/Walk) Holiday Run. The run starts at Kirkland’s Marina Park, on Sunday, December 18, 2011. This run benefits foster children,  most of whom don’t have the money for the things we take for granted, such as school supplies and toys. Money raised by the run will be donated for music lessons, help in school, sports involvement, and other extracurricular activities.

By completing the 12K’s of Christmas run/walk, you can contribute to a good cause, get a workout and shed those pounds left over from Thanksgiving dinner, and can register the time spent running the 5k as PE hours.

For those of you who don’t want to make the 12k run, here’s some things you can do at the event instead:

1. Try the 5k run/walk instead. You don’t have to be going at a run the whole time–in fact, you could even walk the whole way– and the distance is shorter. You still contribute money and energy to a good cause, but you don’t have to exhaust yourself.

2.  Volunteer to hand out water and snacks to the runners, and cheer them on. Running–even walking– a 5k is hard work! Show your support by making the going easier for the brave souls who make the attempt.

3. Donate at least $5 to the charity. Even if you don’t run, you can still make a contribution to a good cause.

4. If you don’t want to run, bring your younger siblings to run in the Kid’s Dash. The race is only 1 kilometer long, and it’s free. Buy your little sibling a shirt ($10) to support the foster kids.

5. Spread the word! If nothing else, get others to contribute. Post on Facebook, tell your more athletically-minded friends, put up posters–make sure everyone knows that they can help out, too.

Remember, the 12K’s of Christmas is only one of the many charity runs that are held throughout the year. If you can’t do this particular run, participate in another – check the Phoenix Five for ideas! Information on the 12K’s of Christmas can be found at this address:

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