Ground Control: New Years Resolutions?

Dear Ground Control,

My friends say that having a New Year’s resolution is bad. Is it really?


Scared for 2018

Dear Scared,

The answer to this question depends on you as a person. Some people could really and truly benefit from a New Year’s resolution, but others find it pointless.

For example, if you are say, a freshman, a resolution to stop annoying the seniors could really improve your life. In fact, they might even start to like you. On the other hand, if you are perfect in every single way, a resolution could just hold you back and keep you from shining like the star you are.

If you are anything less than perfect, a small New Year’s resolution could better your life. Maybe try to eliminate that bad habit that you hide from your friends because you’re embarrassed, or try to do one nice thing for someone a day (god knows this world needs it), or even try to stop procrastinating!




HAHAHA just kidding, we all know you’ll never do that.

But don’t go to the extreme with resolutions, because you’ll just end up disappointing yourself and everyone around you! (:

Good luck,

Ground Control

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